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Citizen Monitoring Grant Opportunities

2020-2021 Citizens Monitoring RFA

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has delayed the release of the 2020-2021 Citizens Monitoring Request for Applications (RFA). More information will be provided at the conclusion of the special session of the General Assembly, which is scheduled to begin on Aug. 18. Please contact C. Stuart Torbeck (804-698-4461) for any questions.

Grants/Funding for Citizen Monitoring Activities

Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection
A searchable database to locate federal and other forms of financial aid (grants, loans, cost-sharing) to support a variety of watershed protection projects. To select funding programs for particular requirements, use either of two searches below. One is based on subject matter criteria, and the other is based on words in the title of the funding program.

Criteria searches include the type of organization (e.g., non-profit groups, private landowner, state, business), type of assistance sought (grants or loans), and keywords (e.g., agriculture, wildlife habitat).

Searches result in a listing of programs by name. Click on each program name to review detailed information on the funding source.

Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund
This fund uses proceeds of the Chesapeake Bay License Plate. Applications are reviewed by the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Advisory Committee. Applications must occur in sections of Virginia within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

EPA Environmental Education Grants
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seeks grant proposals from eligible applicants to support environmental education projects that promote environmental awareness and stewardship and help provide people with the skills to take responsible actions to protect the environment.

NFWF Chesapeake Bay Small Watershed Grants
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is soliciting proposals to restore the habitats and water quality of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers and streams. The Small Watershed Grants are awarded for projects that promote community-based efforts to protect and restore the diverse natural resources of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers and streams.

RBC Blue Water Project Grant
The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is offering a series of grants to applicants who have water quality activities in the United States and other countries through their Blue Water ProjectTM. There are two types of grant applications available to the public:

Community Action Grants: Ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, these grants are focused on watershed protection and are available to local or community organizations in Canada, United States or the Caribbean.

Leadership Grants: Ranging from $10,001 to $100,000, these grants focus on watershed protection and/or access to safe drinking water and are available to local, regional, national or trans-border organizations for projects in any of the countries in which RBC is located, including Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and the UK.

Virginia Environmental Endowment
Virginia Program: Grant-making priorities in the Virginia Program are focused on water quality, Chesapeake Bay, land conservation and use, environmental education and awareness, and other emerging issues.

Kanawha and Ohio River Valleys Program: Currently limited to the Kanawha and Ohio River Valleys of Kentucky and West Virginia, this grant program supports research, education, and community action on water quality and the effects of water pollution on public health and the environment.

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