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VRRM Spreadsheet Webinars

DEQ delivered a series of webinars to support the the Virginia Runoff Reduction Method (VRRM) Compliance Spreadsheets and User's Guide.


* The VRRM webinar contact hours are only relevant for Plan Reviewer or Combined Administrator re-certification. They should not be used for recertification by Inspectors or Program Administrators. 


VRRM Spreadsheet Quick Guide

Exercise for Webinar 503

Exercise Addendum for Webinar 503

Webinar 503 Solution

Recorded Webinars

101: Introduction to the new (v.3.0) spreadsheets (0.5 contact hours) - View 101

102: Working with the new development spreadsheet ( hours) - View 102

103: Working with the redevelopment spreadsheet (0.5 contact hours) - View 103

200: How to use the spreadsheet to evaluate water quality compliance (0.5 contact hours)- View 200

301: The runoff reduction method in a spreadsheet: volume and load (1.0 contact hours) - View 301

401: What about Linear Projects? (0.5 contact hours) - View 401

402: Hydrologic soil groups and land cover types (0.5 contact hours) - View 402

403: Determining hydrologic soil groups for water quality compliance (0.5 contact hours) - View 403

501: Reviewing for water quality compliance, Part 1 of 4 (0.5 contact hours) - View 501

502: Reviewing for water quality compliance, Part 2 of 4 (0.5 contact hours) - View 502

503: Reviewing for water quality compliance, Part 3 of 4 (0.5 contact hours) - View 503

504: Reviewing for water compliance, Part 4 of 4 (0.5 contact hours) - View 504

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