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Virginia Water Protection (VWP) Permits

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January 10, 2020 to February 9, 2020 Central Office Mackenzie Scott York and James City Counties Interstate 64 Widening - Modification

Shirley Contracting Co., partnered with Dewberry Environmental, has applied for a modified permit for the Interstate 64 widening. The permit modification will allow the applicant to fill or cut surface waters such and wetlands and streams. The major modification to the permit refers to the installation of new sounds barriers that did not meet noise criteria until further analyzation. This permit authorizes the overall total impact of 5.29 acres to surface waters, consisting of 2.41 acres of permanent impacts, 2.51 acres of temporary impacts, and an additional 0.37 acre impact due to a major modification. The major modification consists of an additional 0.33 acre of permanent impacts to wetlands, 0.04 acre (191 linear feet) of permanent impact to streams. To compensate for the affected area, the applicant would purchase of 3.48 total wetland credits, consisting of 2.28 non-tidal wetland credits and 1.20 tidal wetland credits. Compensation for permanent stream impacts shall be provided through the purchase of 3,012 stream credits from a DEQ approved mitigation bank, in-lieu fee fund, or a combination thereof that is authorized and approved by DEQ to sell credits in the area in which the impacts will occur and has credits available (as released by DEQ). DEQ’s preliminary decision is to issue the permit modification.

18-1148 Public Notice

December 19, 2019 to January 20, 2020 Piedmont Regional Office Bryan Jones Hanover County Chickahominy Falls

CFalls, LLC has requested to modify its current Virginia Water Protection (VWP) permit for the Chickahominy Falls – Sections I, II, IV and Remaining Phase I project. The project site is located south of Cedar Lane (Route 623), east of Holly Hill Road (Route 713), and west of Washington Highway (Route 1) in Hanover County, VA. The project consists of the construction of a residential development, which includes single-family homes, townhomes, multi-family homes, utility infrastructure and stormwater management facilities.  The project also consists of roadway improvements along Cedar Lane at the intersection of Holly Hill Road.  The proposed modification will reduce the amount of stream mitigation credits required for permanent stream bed impacts.  The permit will continue to authorize permanent impacts to no more than 0.42 acre palustrine forested wetland, 0.10 acre isolated forested wetland, 0.19 acre palustrine scrub-shrub wetland, 0.29 acre isolated scrub-shrub wetland, 0.47 acre palustrine emergent wetland, 0.85 acre isolated emergent wetland, 210 linear feet of stream bed, 649 linear feet of jurisdictional ditch, 64 linear feet of isolated jurisdictional ditch and 0.04 acre of permanent conversion of palustrine forested wetland to palustrine emergent wetland.  Additionally, the project will result in temporary impacts to no more than 0.03 acre palustrine forested wetland, 145 square feet palustrine scrub-shrub wetland, 172 square feet palustrine emergent wetland, 40 linear feet of jurisdictional ditch, and 133 linear feet of stream bed.  Impacts will be as depicted on the drawings entitled “Project: Chickahominy Falls Sections I, II, IV, and Remaining Phase I – Waters of the U.S. Impacts Map – Hanover County, Virginia” dated June 29, 2018, last revised on July 10, 2019 and drawn by RES. The activity proposed in the permit will affect wetlands and streams that drain to the Chickahominy River in the James River watershed. A watershed is the land area drained by a river and its incoming streams. The applicant will provide compensation for permanent impacts to wetlands and streams authorized by this permit through the purchase of 3.13 wetland mitigation bank credits and 245 USM stream mitigation bank credits from a mitigation bank in the same or adjacent watershed. If sufficient wetland or stream mitigation bank credits are not available, the permit allows the permittee to purchase credits from an in-lieu-fee fund. The DEQ’s preliminary decision is to issue the permit.

18-1729 Public Notice

Public notices for Virginia Water Protection (VWP) permits involving surface water withdrawals can be found on the Water Withdrawal Permits Public Notices page.

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