Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting for Poultry Facilities on Virginia's Eastern Shore

Draft Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Applications for Poultry Facilities on Virginia's Eastern Shore

DEQ has prepared 54 draft groundwater withdrawal permits for poultry facilities currently operating under Consent Special Orders in Accomack County, Virginia.  An informational briefing on the draft permits and the corresponding permitting process was held in Accomack County on April 30, 2019 at Nandua High School.  The Information Session included a presentation by DEQ staff on the recently concluded evaluation process for these groundwater withdrawal permit applications, the process used to review the applications and impacts to the aquifer, the types of restrictions included in a permit, and the schedule for public involvement.  Following the presentation, staff met with the attendees in a cafeteria style setting to answer specific questions pertaining to the application process, aquifer impacts, and general regulatory requirements.

The next steps in the permit process include publication of Public Notices, a Public Comment Period from May 24, 2019 through July 12, 2019, and three public hearings, scheduled for June 24 in Oak Hall, June 25 in Melfa, and June 26 in Eastville.

Informational Links:

April 30th, 2019 Information Session Presentation

Draft Permit Public Notices

Handout from Public Hearings of June 24-26, 2019


Draft Permit Documents

Application Number / Facility Application Number / facility
GW0072500 / Ish Farm GW0075300 / Thomas Farm
GW0072600 / Brady Farm GW0075400 / Van Tran Farm
GW0072700 / Morey Farm GW0075500 / Vision Quest
GW0072800 / Ed, Pat, and Brandy Sue Farm GW0075600 / Wishart's Point Farm
GW0072900 / Trader Farms (E.T. Trader Farm, Jan Trader Farm, Parks Farm) GW0075700 / Dennis Farm
GW0073000 / Old Mill Farms GW0075800 / Giuse Farm
GW0073100 / Chattha Livestock Poulty Farm GW0075900 / Shore Time Poultry, LLC
GW0073200 / Contrell Brown & Son Farm GW0076000 / Tai Dat, LLC
GW0073300 / HT Poultry Farm GW0076300 / Peter and Mary Farm
GW0073400 / Eagle, Birdie, Superior Farm GW0076600 / Greenes Poultry Farm
GW0073500 / Eddie Kelley Farm GW0076400 / Nguyen and Emily Poultry Farm
GW0073600 / Elahi LLC GW0076700 / Excel Farm
GW0073700 / Tanner Farm GW0076800 / Elite Farm
GW0073800 / Mason Farm GW0076900 / RW Farms, LLC
GW0073900 / Holland Homestead, Backwoods, and Horsey Poultry Farms GW0077000 / Justice Poultry Farm, Inc.
GW0074000 / Chicken Bacon Ranch GW0077300 / Fulushou Inc.
GW0074100 / FPNA Farms Inc GW0077400 / Rogers Poultry Farm
GW0074300 / Levi's Farm LLC GW0074200 / Last Hurrah LLC
GW0074400 / Luu Farm (Spring & Phoenix Farms) GW0077600 / Davis Wharf Farm
GW0074500 / McChicken Farms GW0077800 / Brittney Poultry Farm, LLC
GW0074600 / Miller Time Farm GW0077900 / Turkey Run Farm
GW0074700 / Sanns on the Shore Farm GW0078100 / Pixies Poultry
GW0074900 / Seaside Poultry Farm GW0078400 / Summer's Rest Farm
GW0075000 / Shore Livestock GW0078500 / Teresa Farms
GW0075200 / Spuddog Farm  


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