Draft Water Withdrawal Permits or Variances

Draft Groundwater Withdrawal Permits and draft Virginia Water Protection (VWP) Individual Permits for surface water withdrawals from the State Water Control Board are available for public comment before issuance of the final permit.  DEQ issues public notices of these draft permits to ensure the opportunity for public comment before the permit becomes final.  Public notices of temporary variances to the conditions of existing, issued permits are also listed on this page.

Current Groundwater Withdrawal Draft Permit Public Notices (or variances to existing permits):

Comment Period Contact Location Facility Project Description
No current public notices        

Current Virginia Water Protection (VWP) Draft Surface Water Withdrawal Individual Permit Public Notices (or variances to existing permits)

Comment Period  Contact  Location  Facility  Project Description 
October 11, 2018 to November 13, 2018 Brian McGurk New Kent County New Kent County Water Supply Project

New Kent County has applied for new permit for the New Kent County Water Supply Project. The proposed surface water intake is located on the south bank of the tidal portion of the Pamunkey River, on Northbury Farm at 12301 Old Church Road in northwestern New Kent County, Virginia.  The proposed raw water transmission line route extends southwestward from the intake location across western New Kent County to the property on which a proposed new water treatment plant will be located.  The latter parcel is located at the intersection of South Quaker Road and Quinton Road in western New Kent County near Black’s Store. The draft permit limits total withdrawals from the system to meet public water supply demands to a daily maximum volume of 5.26 million gallons, a monthly maximum volume of 163 million gallons and an annual maximum volume of 1098 million gallons. The proposed activity would temporarily affect 0.41 acre of open water, 0.284 acre of wetland, and 265 linear feet of stream channel, and permanently affect 0.02 acre of open water, 0.195 acre of wetland, and 215 linear feet of stream channel. The activity proposed in the permit would affect the Pamunkey River, and unnamed tributaries to the Pamunkey River, Dickerson Swamp, and Black Creek in the Pamunkey River watershed. A watershed is the land area drained by a river and its incoming streams. To compensate for the affected areas, the applicant would purchase 0.195 wetland credit and 263 stream credits. DEQ’s preliminary decision to issue the permit.

16-0763 Public Notice

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