Current Issued Groundwater Withdrawal Permits: Eastern Shore

Permits issued since January 1, 2014:

Permit # Location Facility Permittee Issuance / Modification Date
GW0043301  Accomack County  Commonwealth Chesapeake Power Station  Commonwealth Chesapeake Company, L.L.C.  August 1, 2016 
GW0070400  Accomack County  Home and Fitchett Farms  Donald L. Fitchett and David F. Mason  April 1, 2016 
GW0047300 Accomack County Mappsville Facility & Labor Housing Del Monte Fresh Production, Inc. October 7, 2014
GW0053900 Accomack County Perdue Farms, Inc. Perdue Farms, Inc. March 31, 2014
GW0063800 Accomack County Middleton Farm aka Virginia Farm Del Monte Fresh Production, Inc. October 8, 2014
GW0067100 Accomack County Bull Farm aka Evans Oaks Farm Del Monte Fresh Production, Inc. October 8, 2014
GW0069500 Accomack County Seybolt Farm Dublin Farms,Inc. February 1, 2014
GW0054700  Accomack County  Town of Parksley Water Works  Town of Parksley  August 1, 2016 
GW0044600 AccomackCounty Captain's Cove Utility Company, Inc. Captain's Cove Utility Company, Inc. March 1, 2014
GW0060501 Northampton County C&H Farms Eleanor Bull Lambertson June 1, 2014
GW0041201  Northampton County  Cape Charles Waterworks  Municipal Corporation of Cape Charles  September 1, 2016 
GW0061401 Northampton County Edgewater Farm Mr. George Sharp May 5, 2016
GW0075100  Northampton County  Highway Farm  Ray Newman  April 1, 2016 
GW0071400  Northampton County  Jones 2 Farm  Curtis H. Jones & Son, Inc.  April 1, 2016 
GW0070800  Northampton County  Lumber Hall Farm  Tankard Nurseries  October 1, 2016 
GW0071200  Northampton County  Newman Farms  Ray Newman  April 1, 2016 
GW0069300  Northampton County  Outten Farm  Del Monte Fresh Production, Inc.  April 1, 2016 
GW0071000  Northampton County  Seaford Farm  The Willis Family Limited Partnership  April 1, 2016 
GW0045401  Northampton County  Town of Eastville  Town of Eastville  June 10, 2016 
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