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Water Supply Planning Program - Annual Water Withdrawal Reporting

The Virginia Water Withdrawal Reporting Regulation (9VAC25-200-10, et seq.) requires the annual reporting of surface water and groundwater withdrawals. Withdrawal reports for the previous calendar year are due on January 31. The purpose of withdrawal reporting is to enable appropriate planning for the Commonwealth's future water needs through the collection of accurate information. Information collected is summarized and included in the 2019 Annual Water Resources Report and used to prepare the State Water Resources Plan.

Withdrawals in Virginia for crop production (including, but not limited to nurseries and sod farms) must be reported for withdrawals of one million gallons or more in a single month. Withdrawals in Virginia for ALL other purposes (including, but not limited to, livestock production, mining operations, public water supplies, manufacturing, power production, and golf courses) must be reported by users whose average daily withdrawal exceeds 10,000 gallons per day in any single month. Water users exempted from the regulation are encouraged to voluntarily report their water withdrawals.

Data collected includes monthly withdrawal amounts and identifies the owner, source, source type, subtype, and category of use. It is important to note that the regulation requires the use of a methodology or the installation and operation of a gaging device at or near the withdrawal source to measure the cumulative volume of groundwater and/or surface water withdrawn. The gage or methodology used must be consistent with sound generally-accepted engineering practice and produce volume determinations within 10% of accuracy. In addition, the regulation requires retention of water withdrawal and gage calibration records by the user for a period of three years.

If you operate a farm and are unsure of the need to report water withdrawals, please view the Decision Tree developed to step you through the regulation reporting levels. Methods for estimating raw water withdrawals for irrigation or agriculture (non-irrigation) withdrawals are found in the Irrigation and Agriculture Water Use Estimate document. A list of Frequently Asked Questions for the irrigation/agricultural community is available.

If your facility withdraws enough water to meet the mandatory reporting threshold and you are not yet reporting its water withdrawals, then you must register your facility by contacting Trevor Lawson at:

Phone: (804) 698-4113


Once registered, annual water withdrawal reporting may be completed online at VA Hydro's Annual Reporting site. A username and password will be provided to you upon registering. If you do not have access to the internet and would prefer hard copies of the reporting form, DEQ will provide paper reporting forms by mail during the reporting period.

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