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Ground Water Characterization - Reports & Publications

***Uniform Water Well Completion Report (GW-2)***
Fillable PDF - Revised August 2016
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Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring Documents

PDF Versions of the Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring Documents listed below are available upon request.

Virginia Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring Strategy (Finalized November 2013)

FY14 Implementation Plan - Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring (Finalized November 2014)

Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring Implementation Plan for Fiscal Year 2015

OWS Technical Bulletins

Groundwater Resources of the Blue Ridge Province, Virginia (VDEQ OWS Technical Bulletin 12-01: September 2012)Appendices

Water Use in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia 1982-2010 (VDEQ OWS Technical Bulletin 12-02: September 2012) 

Documents Produced Cooperatively by DEQ and USGS

Hydrogeology and Simulation of Groundwater Flow in Fractured-Rock Aquifers of the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Physiographic Provinces, Bedford County, Virginia (Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5113)

Water Resources Data, Virginia, Water Year 2005, Volume 2: Ground water and ground-water-quality records

Virginia Coastal Plain Hydrogeologic Framework, (U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1731, 2006)

Documents Produced by State Water Control Board

Scans of County Groundwater Reports listed below are available upon request.  They are picture files with an Optical Character Recognition text overlay, and an accuracy rating of about 70%.  This may affect the success of word or phrase searches. 

Coastal Plain Region

Groundwater of Southeastern Virginia (Planning Bulletin 261-A, August 1974)

Groundwater Conditions in the Eastern Shore of Virginia (Planning Bulletin 45, December 1975)

Eastern Shore (Counties of Accomack and Northampton), Ground Water Resources of the (Planning Bulletin 332, November 1982)

Four Cities (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake), Ground Water Resources of the (Planning Bulletin 331, November 1981)

Hanover County, Groundwater Resources of (Planning Bulletin 314, July 1979)

Henrico County, Groundwater Resources of (Planning Bulletin 328 , March 1984)

Middle Peninsula (counties of Essex, Middlesex, Mathews, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William, and Caroline), Groundwater of the (Planning Bulletin 305, January 1977)

Northern Neck (counties of Westmoreland, Northumberland, Richmond, and Lancaster), Groundwater of the (Planning Bulletin 307, 1977)

York-James Peninsula (Counties of York, James City, Charles City, New Kent and King William with portions of Henrico and Hanover, and the cities of Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News and Hampton), Ground Water of the (Basic Data Bulletin 39, June 1973)

Piedmont / Blue Ridge Region

Albemarle County, Ground Water Resources of (Planning Bulletin 326, December 1980)

Henry County, Groundwater Resources of (Planning Bulletin 312, January 1979)

Loudoun County, Groundwater Resources of (Planning Bulletin 315, July 1979)

Prince William County Groundwater (Planning Bulletin 303, August 1976)

Valley, Ridge, Cumberland Plateau Region

Augusta County, Groundwater Resources of (Planning Bulletin 310, July 1978)

Botetourt County Groundwater (Planning Bulletin 304, September 1976) 

Buchanan County Groundwater (Planning Bulletin 311, October 1978) 

Roanoke County Groundwater (Planning Bulletin 301, July 1976)

Rockingham County Groundwater (Planning Bulletin 300, July 1976)

Shenandoah County Groundwater (Planning Bulletin 306, July 1977)

Wise-Dickenson County Groundwater (Planning Bulletin 333, June 1983) 

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