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Watershed Roundtables

A watershed roundtable is a group of people with a vested interest in local water quality. Clean water is key to maintaining a high quality of life in Virginia. Through involvement in roundtables, people work as a group to ensure clean water for drinking, for business and for recreation. Roundtables address many common water quality concerns, by:

  • Hosting forums to present watershed issues on local water quality and land use.
  • Educating citizens about water quality.
  • Seeking grants, donations and other funding sources.
  • Coordinating workshops.
  • Collecting and analyzing water quality data.
  • Participating in the TMDL planning process.
  • Planning and implementing watershed-wide water quality goals.

Community watershed groups associated with roundtables can be effective in gaining support from local governments and others to sponsor water quality projects. Partnering with the local roundtable brings a community group into close contact with needed political, technical and financial resources.

Through roundtable involvement, localities' officials can be more aware of funding opportunities, restoration projects and other watershed events taking place in the community. By networking with a watershed roundtable's wide range of interests, multiple resources may be available to support local government projects.

Business leaders taking part in a roundtable can help shape solutions within the watershed. Roundtable meetings with key community members can showcase the water quality contributions of the business community.

A roundtable can be the driving force in education, outreach and solutions to restore and protect water quality. Roundtables generally involve a wide range of participants:

  • Elected officials
  • Local government staff
  • Agricultural community
  • Planning district commissions
  • Business and industry
  • Water and sewer utilities
  • Commercial fishermen
  • Soil and water conservation districts
  • Developers
  • Interested citizens
  • Environmental groups
  • Tourism and recreational groups
  • State and federal agency staff
  • Public service authorities

DEQ provides various funding opportunities for watershed roundtable activities in Virginia to help them achieve water quality improvement goals.

Please email DEQ for more information on watershed roundtables in Virginia

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