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DEQ's Water Quality Monitoring Strategy

DEQ's 2013 revised Water Quality Monitoring Strategy

As a result of the Agency's continual planning process and the consequent evolutionary changes in the Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Program, periodic updates and revisions of the WQM Strategy are a necessity. In compliance with a six-year revision schedule described in the 2004 and 2007 editions of its Water Quality Monitoring Strategy (see below), DEQ completed the most recent strategy revision in August of 2013. The 2013 edition was submitted to EPA Region 3 for comments and is now available for the public. A copy may be downloaded via this link: 2013 Water Quality Monitoring Strategy (107 MB zip file). Comments or questions should be addressed to Donald H. Smith at one of the addresses provided below.

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Revision Highlights to the 2013 WQM Strategy

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Chapter I. Introduction

Chapter II. Virginia’s Water Resources

Chapter III. Design and Implementation

A. Introduction to Current Monitoring Activities
B. Ambient Monitoring Program
     B1. Watershed Station Network
     B2. Probabilistic (Freshwater and Estuarine) Monitoring
     B3. Trend Monitoring
     B4. TMDL Support
     B5. Special Studies
C. Program Specific Monitoring
     C1. Chesapeake Bay Monitoring
     C2. Lakes Monitoring
     C3. Citizen and Non-DEQ Monitoring
     C4. Biological Monitoring
     C5. Fish Tissue and Sediment Monitoring
     C6. Wetlands Monitoring
     C7. Surface Water Investigations Program
     C8. Ground Water Characterization
     C9. VDH BEACH Monitoring
D. Water Quality Standards

Chapter IV. Quality Management Program

Chapter V. Data Management (Ambient WQM)

Chapter VI. Data Analysis, Assessment and Reporting

Chapter VII. Programmatic Evaluation

Chapter VIII. General Support and Infrastructure Planning

Chapter IX. Plan and Schedule for Implementation

Chapter X. Bibliography

Questions and/or comments regarding the 2013, 2007, 2004 or 2000 edition of the Water Quality Monitoring Strategy should be directed to:

Donald H. Smith, Ph.D
DEQ Water Monitoring and Assessment Program
via e-mail to
via US mail to P.O. Box 1105, Richmond, Virginia 23218

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