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TMDL Implementation Projects

Since 2001, Virginia has been operating a comprehensive Nonpoint Source TMDL Implementation Program, primarily funded through federal EPA Section 319(h) funds.

Upon completion of TMDL Implementation Plans, watershed areas may be eligible to receive funding to complete comprehensive, multi-year TMDL implementation projects. The purpose of the projects is to implement on-the-ground activities or Best Management Practices, BMPs, in order to improve water quality and meet water quality standards. The goal of these projects, through restoration and protection efforts, is to meet water quality standards and associated TMDLs.

Success of Virginia's TMDL Implementation Program can also be shown through the number of project areas that have shown improving water quality conditions or have been delisted from Virginia's 303(d) list of impaired waters. A number of these project areas have been accepted National NPS Success Stories by EPA. Through Section 319 Nonpoint Source Success Stories, EPA tracks the progress of partially or fully restoring waterbodies associated with implementation actions. For more general information on Water Quality Success Stories click here.  For more information on NPS success stories please refer to Virginia's Nonpoint Source Pollution Program Success Stories.

Virginia’s TMDL Implementation Program, funded by Section 319(h), provides funds for various Best Management Practices (BMPs) identified in approved TMDL Implementation Plans. Projects that receive funding for agricultural BMPs need to follow DCR’s Agricultural Cost-Share Program and associated annual guidance documents. Within the TMDL program, projects that receive funding to support agricultural BMPs as well as residential septic BMPs need to follow DEQ’s Nonpoint Source Best Management Practice Guidelines

Ongoing Watershed Progress Reports

Federal Section 319(h) TMDL Implementation Projects – Current Projects: These projects address agricultural, residential septic, urban BMP activities in impaired watershed. These projects are funded mainly with Federal 319(h) but some projects have received supplemental state funding from either the Water Quality Improvement Fund or the Virginia Natural Resources Commitment Fund. Hyperlinks to the reports are provided here.

Closed Project Reports

Closeout reports describe the accomplishments to date and provide a justification of why Federal Section 319(h) funding was stopped in the watershed.

State Funding Targeted TMDL Implementation Projects: These projects are exclusively funded by state Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF) cost-share resources to address agricultural BMPs. All projects started around July 2006 and closed June 2015.

Federal Section 319(h) TMDL Implementation Projects – Closeout Reports: These projects received targeted 319(h) and some projects have received supplemental state funding and all projects addressed agricultural, residential septic and in some cases pet waste and urban BMP activities.

Federal Section 319(h) TMDL Implementation Projects: These projects received targeted 319(h) and have ended, however formal close out reports were not written

  • Chestnut Creek
  • Greenvale, Payne and Beach Creeks

Annual Reports

Through 2014, Virginia provided an annual summary of TMDL implementation accomplishments funded through the 319 program however as of 2015 this information can be found in the individual reports list above as well as listed in the Nonpoint Source Annual Reports:

For more information on Virginia's TMDL Implementation Program contact Virginia's Nonpoint Source (NPS)Program.

Featured Topics

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Access to special materials and information related to implementation can be found on the NPS Implementation Project Resources page.

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