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Draft and Final Implementation Plans


In order to maintain compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the historical documents located on this page have been removed from the DEQ website.  To access these documents, please contact Ashley Wendt, Technical Reviewer at or 804-698-4042.

If you have any disabilities that require that the document in question be shared in an accessible format, please make sure to specify that in your request.  If this is the case, DEQ will do all that is possible to provide a document in an accessible format.  However, older documents may present a number of challenges.  In such cases, DEQ will work with the requestor to accommodate their request. 

DEQ and partner agencies are making progress towards the goal of improving water quality in the Commonwealth. The tables below list both draft and final TMDL Implementation Plans and their related information such as impairment. To view a TMDL Implementation Plan document, click on the highlighted segment under the Watershed/Report column (Column 1).  

Draft TMDL Implementation Plans

End of Public Comment Period
McClure River Dickenson Bacteria --
Buffalo River Amherst Bacteria November 20, 2020

Final TMDL Implementation Plans

Watershed/Report City/County Impairment/Pollutant Additional INFORMATION SWCB Approval EPA Approval 
Ash Camp, Twitty's Creek Charlotte Sediment   02/25/2016 01/5/2016
Back Bay Watershed Virginia Beach Bacteria   12/13/2010 Not Submitted
Back Creek Pulaski Bacteria, Sediment   07/31/2008 Not Submitted
Beaver Creek and Little Creek Bristol, Washington Bacteria, Sediment   07/31/2008 06/03/2007
Big Otter River Watershed Bedford, Campbell Bacteria   03/23/2007 05/31/2006
Blackwater River Franklin Bacteria   06/17/2004 2003
Blackwater River (Lower), Maggodee Creek, Gills Creek Franklin Bacteria   09/27/2006 01/26/2006
Bluestone River Tazewell, Bluefield Bacteria, Sediment   12/13/2010 07/26/2011
Buffalo Creek, Colliers Creek, and Cedar Creek Public Document, Technical Report Rockbridge Bacteria, Sediment   02/25/2016 03/03/2015
Carter Run, Great Run, Deep Run, Thumb Run Fauquier, Stafford Bacteria   05/2006 05/22/2006
Catoctin Creek Loudoun Bacteria   06/28/2005 01/10/2005
Cedar Creek, Hall Creek, Byers Creek, and Hutton Creek Washington Bacteria   06/17/2004 2003
Chestnut Creek (Technical Report) (Public Document) Carroll and Grayson counties and City of Galax Bacteria, Sediment   02/25/2016 11/18/2015
Chickahominy River and Tributaries Henrico, Hanover, Charles City Bacteria   02/25/2016 09/2/2014
Chowan River Watershed Dinwiddie, Lunenburg, Nottoway, Prince Edward, Southampton, Sussex, Isle of Wight, Surry Bacteria   03/23/2007 Submitted 8/29/2014
Chuckatuck and Brewers Creeks (Technical Document)  (Public Document) City of Suffolk and Isle of Wight County Bacteria   02/25/2016 12/22/2015
Clinch River and Cove Creek (Technical Document) (Public Document) Lee, Russell,and Scott  Bacteria   01/07/2020  12/18/2017
Cooks Creek and Blacks Run Rockingham, Harrisonburg Bacteria, Sediment, Phosphorus   04/28/2009 03/25/2006
Crab Creek (Technical Report) (Public Document) Montgomery Bacteria, Sediment   02/25/2016 02/02/2015
Craig Run, Browns Run, and Marsh Run Fauquier Bacteria.   06/29/2012 05/24/2011
Cripple Creek and Elk Creek Smyth, Wythe, Grayson Bacteria   02/25/2016 07/15/2014
Crooked, Stephens, West Runs & Willow Brook (Technical Document) (Public Document) Frederick, Warren, Clarke Bacteria     10/25/2016
Cub Creek, Turnip Creek, Buffalo Creek, and UT to Buffalo Creek Appomattox, Campbell, Charlotte Bacteria   12/13/2010
Cunningham Creek Fluvanna  Bacteria, Sediment Watershed Plan  01/07/2020 12/11/2018
Dan River - Birch Creek, Byrds Branch, Doubles Creek, Fall Creek, Sandy Creek (Technical Document) Pittsylvania, Halifax Bacteria    01/07/2020 01/02/2020
Dodd Creek Floyd Bacteria   06/27/2007 12/18/2006
Dumps Creek Russell TSS, TDS   04/28/2009 1/27/2015
Fairview Beach King George County Bacteria Watershed Plan 02/25/2016 12/4/2014
Falling River Campbell, Appomattox Bacteria   04/28/2009 06/18/2008
Flat, Nibbs, Deep, and West Creeks Amelia, Nottoway Bacteria   12/13/2010 2010
Four Mile Run Arlington, Alexandria Bacteria   06/17/2004 Not Submitted
Greenvale, Paynes, and Beach Creeks Lancaster Bacteria   12/13/2010 07/21/2011
Guest River Wise, Scott, Dickenson Bacteria, Sediment   06/28/2005 09/10/2014
The Gulf, Barlow, Mattawoman, Jacobus and Hungars Creeks (Public Document)  (Technical Document) Northampton Bacteria   02/25/2016 03/31/2015
Hardware River (Public Document) (Technical Document) Albemarle, Fluvanna Bacteria     03/29/2016
Hawksbill Creek and Mill Creek Page Bacteria   04/28/2009 2008
Hays, Moffatts, Walker, and Otts Creeks Augusta, Rockbridge Bacteria   06/29/2012 12/27/2012
Hoffler Creek Suffolk, Portsmouth Bacteria   12/07/2012 Submitted April 2015
Holmans Creek Rockingham, Shenandoah Bacteria, Sediment   06/28/2005 01/03/2005
James River and Tributaries Chesterfield, Powhatan, Richmond, Henrico, Goochland Bacteria     01/02/2014
James River and Ivy, Tomahawk, Burton, Judith, Fishing, Blackwater, and Beaver Creeks Lynchburg, Campbell, Bedford, Amherst Bacteria   06/29/2012 Not Submitted
Kings Creek Northampton Bacteria   02/25/2016 11/21/2014
Knox Creek and Pawpaw Creek Buchanan Bacteria, Sediment   07/31/2008 02/07/2013
Lewis Creek Russell Sediment   06/29/2012 06/14/2011
Linville Creek (Technical Report) (Public Document) Rockingham Bacteria, Sediment   04/04/2014 04/14/2014
Little Calfpasture River (Technical Document) Rockingham Sediment   01/07/2020 06/01/2018
Little Dark Run and Robinson River Madison, Culpeper Bacteria   06/29/2012 05/31/2011
Little River Watershed (Technical Report) (Public Document) Floyd, Montgomery Bacteria, Sediment, Temperature   03/25/2013 Not Submitted
Looney Creek Botetourt Bacteria   04/28/2009 06/25/2008
Lower Banister River Halifax, Pittsylvania Bacteria   02/25/2016 01/19/2016
Lynnhaven River, Broad and Linkhorn Bay Virginia Beach Bacteria   03/23/2007 Not Submitted
Mattaponi River Watershed (Technical Report) (Public Report) Caroline, King and Queen, King William, Orange, and Spotsylvania Counties Bacteria     4/23/2020
Middle Clinch River Russell, Tazewell Bacteria   02/25/2016 10/20/2013
Middle Fork Holston River and Wolf Creek Wythe, Smyth, Washington Bacteria, Sediment   04/04/2014 02/26/2014
Middle River Watershed Augusta Bacteria, Sediment   12/10/2009 2010
Mill Creek - Northampton County Northampton Dissolved Oxygen, pH   12/07/2012  Not Submitted
Mill Creek - Montgomery County Montgomery Bacteria   06/27/2007 12/18/2006
Mill Creek and Powhatan Creek James City Bacteria   06/29/2012 Not Submitted
Moores Creek Albemarle, Charlottesville Bacteria   06/28/2005 08/10/2012
Mossy Creek, Long Glade Run, and Naked Creek Rockingham, Augusta Bacteria, Sediment   12/13/2010 2009
North Fork Catoctin Creek (Technical Document) (Public Document) Loudoun Sediment    01/07/2020 11/01/2019
North Fork Holston River Scott, Washington, Smyth, Russell, Bland, Tazewell Bacteria, Temperature   02/25/2016 02/16/2016
North Landing Watershed (including Milldam, Middle West Neck, and Nanney Creeks) Virginia Beach Bacteria   12/13/2010 Not Submitted
North River Rockingham Bacteria, Nitrate   06/17/2004 2003
Occohannock Creek Accomack, Northampton Bacteria   12/13/2010 Not Submitted
Opequon Creek Watershed Frederick, Winchester Bacteria, Sediment   03/23/2007 2006
Piankatank River, Gywnns Island, Milford Haven Mathews, Middlesex, Gloucester Bacteria   04/04/2014 08/28/2014
Pigg River and Old Womans Creek Franklin, Henry, Pittsylvania Bacteria   12/13/2010 2009
Powell River (Technical Document) Lee, Wise Bacteria, Sediment   01/07/2020 07/03/2018
Reed Creek  Wythe Bacteria   02/25/2016 11/12/2015
Rockfish River watershed (Technical Report) (Public Document) Nelson  Bacteria, Sediment   04/04/2014 07/16/2013
Slate River and Rock Island Creek Buckingham Bacteria   06/29/2012 06/23/2011
Smith Creek (Technical Report) (Public Document) Rockingham, Shenandoah Bacteria, Sediment   12/13/2010 12/01/2009
Smith River and Mayo River (Technical Document) (Public Document) Patrick, Henry, Floyd, Franklin Bacteria   04/04/2014 01/15/2014
South River and Christians Creek Augusta Bacteria, Sediment, Phosphorus   06/29/2012 2010
Spout Run Clarke Bacteria, Sediment   04/04/2014 08/08/2013
Spring Creek, Briery Creek, Bush River, Little Sandy River, and Saylers Creek Prince Edward, Amelia Bacteria   04/28/2009 2008
Straight Creek and Tributaries Lee Bacteria, Sediment, Total Dissolved Solids   02/25/2016 11/25/2014
Stroubles Creek Blacksburg, Montgomery Sediment   09/27/2006 02/26/2014
Three Creek, Mill Swamp, Darden Mill Run (Public Document) (Technical Document) Southampton, Sussex, Greensville, Brunswick Bacteria   02/25/2016 12/05/2014
Turley Creek and Long Meadow Run Rockingham Nitrogen, Sediment   02/25/2016 12/10/2015
Tye River, Hat Creek, Rucker Run, and Piney River (Public Document) (Technical Document) Nelson, Amherst Bacteria   02/25/2016
Upper Banister River and Tributaries Pittsylvania Bacteria   12/07/2012  2013
Upper Clinch River Tazewell Sediment   07/31/2008 01/03/2008
Upper Clinch River and Tributaries Tazewell Bacteria     01/18/2017
Upper Goose Creek, Cromwells Run, and Little River (Public Document) (Technical Document) Loudoun, Fauquier Bacteria   01/07/2020 04/02/2018
Upper Hazel River, Hughes River, Rush River, and Thornton River (Public Document) (Technical Document) Rappahannock, Madison, Culpeper Bacteria   12/07/2012  08/02/2011
Upper Nansemond River Suffolk, Isle of Wight Bacteria   12/07/2012 Not Submitted
Upper Rapidan River (Public Document)  (Technical Document) Madison, Greene, Orange, and Albemarle counties Bacteria   02/25/2016 12/29/2015
Upper Roanoke River - Part I Bedford, Botetourt, Floyd, Franklin, Craig, Montgomery, and Roanoke counties, Roanoke City and Salem Bacteria, Sediment     04/22/2016
Upper Roanoke River - Part II (Technical Document) (Public Document) Bedford, Botetourt, Floyd, Montgomery, and Roanoke counties, the towns of Blacksburg and Christiansburg, and the cities of Salem and Roanoke Bacteria, Sediment     08/18/2016
Upper York River Watershed (Technical Document) (Public Document) Louisa, Orange, Spotsylvania Bacteria   03/25/2013 01/09/2013
Woods Creek (Technical Document) Rockbridge County, City of Lexington Bacteria   01/07/2020 01/06/2020
Willis River Watershed Cumberland, Buckingham Bacteria   03/23/2007 07/28/2005





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