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Stressor Analysis Reports

Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act (CWA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Water Quality Planning and Management Regulations (40 CFR Part 130) require states to develop total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) for water bodies that are exceeding water quality standards. The TMDL process establishes the allowable loadings of pollutants for a water body based on the relationship between pollution sources and in-stream water quality conditions.

Stressor Analysis Reports

Watershed/Report City/County Watershed ID Impairment
Woods Creek City of Lexington and Rockbridge County I35R Benthic
Cunningham Creek Albemarle and Fluvanna counties H32R Benthic
North Fork Catoctin Creek Loudoun A02R Benthic
Accotink Creek Fairfax City and Fairfax County A15R Benthic
Happy Creek Warren B41R Benthic
Kits Creek Lunenburg K02R Benthic
Holmes Run and Tripps Run Fairfax A29E Benthic
Fairview Beach Data Analysis and Justification for a Watershed Plan Approach King George A29E Bacteria

In some cases during TMDL development, there is no identifiable most probable stressor for the impaired water.  In such cases, Virginia submits a Stressor Analysis report to EPA documenting the stressor identification process and justification for reclassifying the water as "no TMDL required".  Following EPA's approval of the Stressor Analysis report, Virginia's subsequent 305(b)/303(d) Water Quality Integrated Report is updated to categorize the water as one of the following:

  • 4A(water is impaired but does not need a TMDL because one or more TMDLs for the identified pollutants have already been completed and approved by EPA),
  • 4B(water is impaired or threatened for one or more designated uses but does not require the development of a TMDL because other pollution control requirements are reasonably expected to result in attainment of the water quality standard), or
  • 4C(water is impaired due to natural conditions). 

Approved Stressor Analysis Reports - No TMDL Required

Watershed/Report City/County Watershed ID Impairment EPA approval date
Goldenvale Creek Caroline E21R Dissolved Oxygen, pH 09/30/2013

James River Watershed

Richmond H39R Benthic 11/04/2010
Middle Creek Watershed Tazewell P03R Benthic, Sediment 10/04/2004
Milldam Creek, Upper West Neck Creek, Nawney Creek Virginia Beach K41R, K42R Dissolved Oxygen 12/14/2010
Naked Creek Watershed Page, Rockingham B36R Benthic 07/13/2009
North River Watershed Rockingham B23R Benthic 02/03/2006
Pocomoke River (natural conditions report) Accomack C09 Dissolved Oxygen 11/15/2010
Sandy Bottom Branch Watershed Accomack C10R Benthic, Copper, Total Phosphorus 10/08/2010
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