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Regulations & Certificates


The Sewage Collection and Treatment Regulations (SCAT) govern the design, construction and operation of sewerage systems and treatment works serving more than one residence or a non-residential sewage source. The goals of these regulations are:

  1. To ensure that the design, construction and operation of sewage collection systems and treatment works are consistent with public health and water quality objectives of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  2. To establish a basis for evaluating the design of sewage collection systems and treatment works.
  3. To assist the owner or the owner's authorized engineer in the preparation of an application, plans, specifications, reports and other data.
  4. To establish the minimum requirements and limiting factors utilized by the DEQ for a technical evaluation of plans and specifications required for construction of sewage collection systems and treatment works.
  5. To establish procedures which facilitate the expeditious technical evaluation of plans, specifications and other documents.
  6. To determine whether a Certificate to Construct (CTC) for a sewerage system or treatment works should be issued.
  7. To determine whether a Certificate to Operate (CTO) should be issued for a sewage collection system or treatment works.

If you would like to make a suggestion to change or update the SCAT Regulations, email your suggestion to Jaimini (Jimmy) Desai, P.E.  Be sure to include the section number of the Regulations.

The Water Reclamation and Reuse Regulation governs the design, construction, operation and maintenance of municipal and industrial wastewater reclamation systems and reclaimed water distribution systems.  The Water Reclamation and Reuse Regulation frequently references the SCAT Regulations related to the design and construction of municipal wastewater reclamation systems. 

Approvals, Certificates and Classifications for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Works and Systems, and Water Reclamation and Reuse Projects

The DEQ Office of Clean Water Financing and Assistance Programs (OCWFAP) reviews construction related documents, including preliminary engineering reports, pilot studies, and project plans and specification for municipal wastewater treatment works and systems, and reclamation systems of municipal wastewater that will receive Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF) grants. Note that the term ‘municipal’ refers to wastewater streams that include greater than ten percent domestic sewage and does not refer to the status of the owner of the facility.  Also, projects that are receiving WQIF grants must comply with OCWFAP’s submittal requirements in addition to what is described on this page.

OCWFAP does not review construction documents for municipal wastewater treatment works, industrial treatment works, and reclamation systems (industrial and municipal) that will not receive WQIF grants.  CTCs and CTOs are issued through a different abbreviated process for these projects.  Instructions and forms for the abbreviated process are provided below.  All applications for CTCs and CTOs are to be submitted to the appropriate DEQ Regional Office.

For sewage pump stations, the reliability classification worksheet must be submitted with the CTC application for the project.

Municipal wastewater treatment projects and reclamation systems that will not receive WQIF grants

Industrial Water Reclamation Systems 

Reliability Classification for Sewage Pump Stations - must be submitted with CTC application for project

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