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Pipeline Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management Plan Review

Virginia state law and regulations establish that land disturbance associated with pipeline construction activities must meet Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) and Stormwater Management (SWM) requirements to protect surface water quality during and after construction completion. State law further mandates that natural gas pipeline utilities (and certain other utilities) meet the requirements for ESC and SWM under a DEQ approved Annual Standards and Specifications Program.

Under the required Annual Standards and Specifications Program utilities are not required to submit site specific ESC and SWM plans to DEQ for approval. However, as an additional measure to ensure protection of state waters DEQ has required the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) projects to submit their site specific ESC and SWM plans to DEQ for review and approval.

ACP and MVP site specific ESC and SWM plans will address every foot of land disturbance related to pipeline construction, including access roads and construction lay-down areas.

The site specific plans will be reviewed to ensure that they meet the design requirements contained in Virginia’s ESC and SWM regulations (including post construction stormwater water quality and quantity requirements). An engineering consulting firm under contract with DEQ will assist in DEQ’s review of the erosion and stormwater plans. The cost of this work is estimated to be approximately $2.2 million.

DEQ Approved Annual Standards and Specifications for both ACP and MVP:

Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Mountain Valley Pipeline

Site Specific Plans

ACP has submitted the site specific ESC and SWM plans for the entire project. To view these plans, visit the ACP website then scroll down to the “Index” and select the document you are interested in viewing.

MVP has submitted plans by construction area spread. To view the MVP plans click on the following link: MVP website. Once you are on the MVP website click on “VA DEQ Documents” and scroll down until you find the document you wish to view.

Plan Spread # DEQ Submittal Date
Spread 8: Giles County June 19, 2017
Spread 9: Giles, Craig, Montgomery counties September 22, 2017
Spread 10: Montgomery, Roanoke, Franklin counties September 22, 2017
Spread 11: Franklin and Pittsylvania counties September 19, 2017

Plan Review

State Law does not provide for a formal public comment on ESC and SWM plans.  Also, ESC and SWM plans are not included in the draft additional 401 water quality certifications or the associated public comment period on the draft certifications. However, DEQ will consider input on the technical and engineering requirements of the ESC and SWM plans.

ACP: The public input period closed on October 13, 2017.

MVP: The public input period closed on October 22, 2017.

Input should reference the plan spread number, plan sheet identification, and specific details as they relate to the proposed ESC and SWM practices. DEQ will consider technical and engineering input during its review of the Site Specific Plans.

Technical Documents for Stormwater Management

Final technical documents proposed compliance methodology meeting post construction stormwater management requirements:

Atlantic Coast Pipeline:

Mountain Valley Pipeline:

Memorandum of Agreement with Localities

DEQ has developed a voluntary Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for Local Governments with approved Erosion and Sediment Control Programs to provide comments on the site-specific plans as well as a process for working with DEQ during construction activity. DEQ is inviting each locality in which there will be construction activity related to the proposed ACP and MVP pipelines to consider signing the MOA.



See: Water Protection for Pipelines for information on 401 certification.

See: Mountain Valley Pipeline

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