Multi-faceted Inspection for Oversight of Pipeline Projects

MVP Work Suspension Update

The following areas, such as right of ways (ROW) and access roads, have been inspected for compliance with required erosion and sediment control measures (ESC)and no deficiencies were observed.  See map for Spread and milepost (MP) locations. 

Released for return to work:

Spread G --Fully released, 7/20/2018

Giles, Craig and Montgomery County (MP 195.1 to 227.3)

Spread H

Montgomery, Roanoke and Franklin (MP 227.3 to 258.9)

  • Catawba Road in Montgomery County, MP 227.6 to 227.7 (Station 12026+00 to 12023+00)
  • ROW and three access roads at Bacchus Lane, MP 227.9 to 228.3 (Station 12071+80 to 12147+00) and the area from Station 12035+11 to 12054+00
  • ROW from MP 246.7 to 248.2 (Station 13039+11 to 13117+50)
  • Monty Road to Leaning Oak Road, MP 256.9 (Station 13575+77)

Spread I --Fully released, 7/20/2018

Franklin and Pittsylvania County (MP 258.9 to 303.1)

Not Released

  • Spread H, near Catawba Rd. in Montgomery Co, Station 12026+00 (MP 227.6) to 12023+00 (MP 227.7). This area included a small section of the ROW (two waterbars and end treatments) which were observed to be deficient. 


During construction, inspection of erosion and sediment controls and stormwater management controls, also known as best management practices (BMPs) is a major focus of the DEQ’s plan to ensure compliance with Virginia’s environmental laws and regulations. Virginia’s Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) and Stormwater management laws and regulations are intended to minimize sediment loss with appropriate controls in place. Inspection of BMPs is critical to preventing potential water quality impacts from construction activities. DEQ inspects these BMPs for proper installation, performance and maintenance. DEQ is using a team of DEQ staff inspectors augmented by third-party contractors to ensure adequate coverage during all phases of construction. A combination of factors is evaluated when prioritizing inspection resources. These criteria include routine inspections and audits, complaint investigations, evaluations of monitoring data from established monitoring stations at select stream crossing locations, topography, weather conditions and the phase of construction activity in upland areas, wetlands and stream crossings. 

In addition to erosion and sediment control and stormwater inspections, DEQ will also be evaluating compliance with the many additional requirements imposed by the Section 401 Water Quality Certification. These additional requirements address protection of karst features, hydrostatic testing, acid soils mitigation, steep slope best practices, spill prevention control and countermeasures, riparian buffer protections and surface water withdrawals.

Stop work authority

Legislation adopted by the 2018 General Assembly authorizes DEQ to issue a stop work instruction for land-disturbing activities related to the construction of a natural gas transmission pipeline under certain situations (2018 Va. Acts Chs. 297 and 298). DEQ may issue a stop work instruction on part of a site if the agency determines that there has been a substantial adverse impact to water quality or that an imminent and substantial adverse impact to water quality is likely as a result of such land-disturbing activities. The stop work instructions are a temporary measure to correct deficiencies before resuming work. The agency has developed guidance that details the stop work instruction process.

Reporting concerns

DEQ strives to respond to all pollution complaints. Many complaints include photos or videos which are helpful.  This complaint documentation is very valuable to the agency as it provides visual and locational information which enables DEQ to prioritize and direct inspection resources. If erosion and sediment controls are overwhelmed developers must report the incident to DEQ and respond promptly to restore control measures. Sediment loss due to weather conditions does not necessarily create a “violation.” 

DEQ will continue to coordinate with other state agencies and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to ensure all permit conditions are enforced. DEQ is also coordinating with local governments that have signed on to the voluntary Memorandum of Agreement to ensure compliance with the site-specific plans that have been approved.

Local citizen watch groups are also submitting their information to the agency. This multi-faceted plan of evaluation and coordinated inspections, and DEQ’s enforcement capabilities will ensure developers comply with Virginia’s rigorous regulatory requirements designed to protect water resources.

Inspection Log

Weekly Report, July 20, 2018

Total reports logged: 84
Closed: 77
Under review: 7

Notice of Violation (July 2018)

MVP Response to Notice of Violation

Reporting Information

Stop Work Instructions

The pollution and permit database is available for download. This list of investigations/inspections and their status is updated monthly.

Report pollution and non-compliance online. A reference ID # is provided that can be used to review the status of the report/complaint in the database.

Pipeline hotline (804) 698-4003

MVP Email 

ACP Email

Real time water monitor reports  Turbidity, temperature, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen and pH are measured every 5 minutes, and all data are available online within one to two hours of collection.

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