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Animal Waste - VPDES Permit Minor Modifications

Subsection G of 9VAC25-31-400 provides for a minor permit modification to incorporate changes to the terms of a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation's (CAFO’s) nutrient management plan (NMP) that has been revised in accordance with the requirements of subdivision C 5 of 9VAC25-31-130. Provided that the terms of the NMP are not considered substantial, in accordance with subdivision 5 c of 9VAC25-31-130, the terms of the NMP can be incorporated into the permit. The regulation does not provide for a public comment period for minor modifications. The VPDES CAFO permits listed below were modified to incorporate the terms of the NMP and each modification is minor.  These modifications are considered non-substantial because the NMP has not changed with respect to the following substantial changes: land application areas; maximum field-specific annual rates of application or maximum amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus; crops and corresponding field-specific rates of application; or an increase in the risk of nitrogen and phosphorus transport from the field to State waters.  The revised NMPs were reviewed and approved by the Department of Conservation and Recreation as required by the permit and regulation and each are available for public review.

Region Permit Number Permit Writer Facility
None at this time.      

Water Permitting Activities

The DEQ Water Permits Division publishes a biweekly listing of DEQ Water Division permitting activities that are being public noticed.  The list includes activities for Virginia Pollution Abatement (VPA) permits, which may authorize land application, in addition to Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) permits, Virginia Water Protection (VWP) permits, and VPDES and VPA general permits. Permitting activities that are advertised through newspaper public notice include: all draft permits prior to issuance; draft permit regulations for VPDES and VPA general permits; public hearings; and public informational meetings for new permit applications received to authorize the land application of biosolids.  Please see the VPDES Public Notice webpage for the newest update:  Public Notice for DEQ Water Division Permits

Program Regulatory

Regulation Subject Matter Public Notice(PDF) Public Hearing Date(s) Public Comment Period Agency Contact
None at this time    




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