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 Project Grant Amount Grant Percentage
Fauquier County Water & Sewer Authority, Remington WWTP
 Revolving Loan Fund Project DEQ Regional Area Public Review Period Ends
Northern Virginia Regional Office, Richmond

Brief Project Description

Grantee: Fauquier County Water & Sewer Authority, Remington WWTP

Grant:  #440-S-09-14

The Remington Wastewater Treatment Plant, owned and operated by the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority, discharges into the Rappahannock River Basin under Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) Permit No. VA0076805. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) has established nutrient waste load allocations in accordance with the Chesapeake Bay Initiative Program to reduce significant discharges to the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The nutrient waste load allocations for this facility allow a maximum annual nutrient discharge of 24,353 lbs/yr and 1,827 lbs/yr for total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP), respectively. These waste load allocations equate to effluent concentrations 4.0 mg/L of TN and 0.3 mg/L of TP at a design flow of 2. 0 mgd.   

The Remington Wastewater Treatment Plant consists of the following major unit process components:

  • Septage Receiving/Drain Pump Station
  • Screening Facility
  • Grit and Grease Removal
  • Biological Treatment Facilities
  • Secondary Clarifiers
  • Ferric Chloride Storage and Feed Facilities
  • RAS Pumping Facilities
  • Post Aeration Facilities
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Facilities
  • Effluent Flow Monitoring and Discharge
  • Aerobic Sludge Digestion
  • Centrifuge Sludge Dewatering
  • Electrical Facilities
  • Instrumentation and Control

Fauquier County Water and Sewer Authority intends to construct facility improvements in phases as required to achieve and maintain compliance with the DEQ Waste Load Allocations. The facility improvements necessary to meet the more stringent nutrient limits at the current flow rates will be constructed this project and the improvements needed to ensure reliable compliance with the nutrient allocations as flows approach the design capacity of 2.0 MGD will be constructed in the future phase.  

This construction project will include improvements to the Remington WWTP that are needed immediately to ensure compliance with the nutrient wasteload allocations when they become effective in 2011. These improvements include:

  • Deep Bed Denitrification Filters
  • Filter Influent Pump Station
  • Methanol Storage and Feed Facilities
  • Modifications to the Aerobic Digester
  • On-line Nutrient Analyzer Instrumentation
  • Overhaul Existing Aeration Blowers
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