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Environmental Protection Agency Funded Equivalency Projects

The Federal Water Quality Act of 1987 established a State Revolving Fund (SRF) Capitalization Grant Program. Federal Capitalization Grants are awarded by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to states for deposit in a State Water Pollution Control Revolving Loan Fund.  From this fund, states provide loans to local governments and other entities for clean water projects.  Loan repayments then provide a continuing source of revenue available to localities for solving water pollution control problems.

Construction of wastewater upgrades, improvements, expansions and stormwater best management practices (BMPs) for the projects listed below, were financed by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund with funds equivalent to the amount of the federal capitalization grant for the fiscal years shown.  These projects will provide water quality benefits for community residents and businesses within these localities. CWSRF programs operate around the country to provide states and communities the resources necessary to maintain and improve the infrastructure that protects our valuable water resources nationwide.  

 Fiscal Year 15 Projects

City of Norfolk   $6,000,000 Sewer system improvements including 8 projects from the City's Long Term Control Plan to reduce sanitary sewer overflows.
Buchanan County PSA            $19,249,226  Replace, upgrade and expand the Public Service Authority's outdated Wastewater Treatment Plant with 2.62 million gallons per day Sequenced Batch Reactor WWTP.
Alleghany County  $3,733,313 Replacement of the Mallow Mall and Cherokee Forest Pump Stations, both of which are outdated and subject to sewage overflows.  Low Moor WWTP upgrade: replace chlorination system with ultraviolet disinfection, add several dissolved oxygen meters and upgrade SCADA system, renovate Lab/Operator Building.  Replacement of outdated sewer camera and recording equipment.
City of Norfolk   $1,195,000 Stormwater Project:  Several stormwater projects that range in options from Bioretention facilities to pre-engineered / manufactured systems. 

Fiscal Year 16 Projects

City of Norfolk  $7,000,000 Sewer system improvements including 6 projects from the City's Long Term Control Plan to reduce sanitary sewer overflows.
City of Martinsville $10,000,000 Phase I:  Replace a portion of the 4.2 mile Smith River Interceptor subject to Inflow and Infiltration and partial collapses.
City of Martinsville $11,740,000  Phase II:  Replace the balance of the 4.2 mile Smith River Interceptor.

Fiscal Year 17 Projects

City of Norfolk  $10,000,000  Sewer system improvements including six (6) projects involving sewer replacement and one (1) pump station replacement all to reduce sanitary sewer overflows. 
Henry County Public Service Authority $23,659,400  Reactivation of the Lower Smith River Wastewater Treatment Plant with new and upgraded equipment and a new wastewater conveyance system to connect two (2) service areas. 

Fiscal Year 18 Projects

Ciity of Lynchburg $23,600,000 Wet Weather Pumping Facility: Staroage Facility; Wet Weather Disinfection at WWTP.
City of Norfolk $10,000,000 Multiple Sewer Main Replacement Projects.

Fiscal Year 19 Projects

Alexandria Renew Enterprises $9,400,000 Improvements to sewer infrastructure and WWTP equipment.
City of Covington $5,708,000 Construction of a storage tank and associated equipment to equalize wet weather influent flows to the WWTP in order to minimize bypass flows to the Jackson River. Also, improvements to the WWTP to increase hydraulic capacity and improve operations.
City of Norfolk $10,000,000 Multiple Projects - Replacement of sewer infrastructures and related operating equipment.
Town of Tazewell $10,656,046 Rehabilitation of the Town's 2.0 MGD tertiary wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) due to operation beyond expected service life and unavalibility of replacement parts.


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