FY 2018 Annual Solicitation of Application for Financial Assistance

On behalf of the State Water Control Board (SWCB), below is the approved FY 2018 Project Priority List (PPL).  A more detailed and printable version of the PPL is also available.

 Points FY 2018 Applicants  Amount Requested Project Type
 390.56 City of Lynchburg $23,600,000 wastewater
 381.81 City of Norfolk $10,000,000   wastewater
 365.41 City of Richmond  $9,550,000  wastewater
 343.84 Hampton Roads Sanitation District  $6,691,500 wastewater
 317.50 Town of Pound  $711,651 wastewater
 301.67 Town of St. Paul  $2,050,000   wastewater
 265.41 City of Richmond   $8,994,513  wastewater
 265.41 City of Richmond $4,092,126  wastewater
 259.60 County of Allegheny  $1,092,854 wastewater
 256.01 Town of Marion   $423,700  wastewater
 254.63 City of Petersburg  $2,000,000  wastewater
 244.50 Town of Coeburn  $1,869,028  wastewater
 242.92 Town of Nickelsville   $919,048  wastewater
 239.38 Pepper's Ferry Regional WWTA   $12,500,000  wastewater
 239.06 The Sanitary Board of Bluefield   $8,172,792  wastewater
 233.84 Hampton Roads Sanitation District   $2,377,100  wastewater
 230.77 Town of Bridgewater  $300,000  wastewater
 230.77 Town of Bridgewater   $145,000  wastewater
 224.5 Wise County PSA  $627,533  wastewater
 143.84 Hampton Roads Sanitation District  $1,750,000  wastewater
 143.84 Hampton Roads Sanitation District $1,680,000   wastewater
 532.03 City of Portsmouth  $2,574,741   stormwater
495.41 City of Richmond  $1,458,010   stormwater
 458.85 Town of Vienna   $115,000  stormwater
460.00  Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority $1,625,000 land conservation
455.00  Meadowview Biological Research Station $424,506 land conservation
  Total Requested $105,744,102  


For more details regarding the programs offered, the application process or assistance in completing the application, please contact Walter Gills in the Central Office or your closest regional representative (see VCWRLF contact list).  Information of the VCWRLF, including the Virginia Wastewater Revolving Loan Fund Program Design Manual and Guidelines, Virginia Brownfield Remediation Loan Program Guidelines, Virginia Land Conservation Loan Program Guidelines, Stormwater Loan Program Guidelines, Living Shoreline Guidelines and Local Plan Guidelines, Green Project Reserve, and application forms for each loan program can be accessed from the main Clean Water Financing and Assistance web page.


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