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FY 2021 Annual Solicitation of Application for Financial Assistance

DEQ's FY 2021 annual solicitation of applications for financial assistance through the Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund (VCWRLF) is now over.  The draft list of targeted FY 2021 loan recipients will be presented to the Director of DEQ for tentative approval.  Soon after, the list and information regarding the public meeting, review, and comment period will be posted.

For more details regarding the programs offered, the application process, or assistance in completing the application, please contact Karen Doran in Central Office or your closest regional representative.  Information on the VCWRLF, including the Virginia Wastewater Revolving Loan Fund Program Design Manual and Guidelines, Virginia Brownfield Remediation Loan Program Guidelines, Virginia Land Conservation Loan Program Guidelines, Green Project Reserve, Stormwater Loan Program Guidelines, Living Shorelines Loan Program Guidelines, and applications forms for each loan program can be access on DEQ’s website.


FY 2020 Projects

Points FY 2020 Applicants    Approved Amount Project Type
399.69 Spotsylvania County  $           34,559,721.00 Wastewater
399.36 BVU Authority  $              7,294,000.00 Wastewater
378.52 Town of Exmore  $              300,000.00 Wastewater
369.84 Alexandria Renew Enterprises  $         315,000,000.00 Wastewater
312.56 Hampton Roads Sanitation District $                 24,257,350 Wastewater
303.33 Town of Marion $                  628,200.00 Wastewater
302.07 Middle Peninsula PDC  $                 200,000.00 Wastewater
292.56 Hampton Roads Sanitation District $           178,712,494.00 Wastewater
291.61 City of Norfolk $              9,000,000.00 Wastewater
285.75 Wise County Public Service Authority  $                 315,805.00 Wastewater
285.75 Wise County Public Service Authority  $                 404,132.00 Wastewater
268.83 Town of Richlands  $           10,916,316.00 Wastewater
267.79 Upper Occoquan Service Authority  $           27,750,000.00 Wastewater
263.26 City of Norton  $                 303,200.00 Wastewater
263.03 Town of Iron Gate  $              6,315,723.00 Wastewater
262.91 Town of Rural Retreat  $              2,788,601.00 Wastewater
250.06 Town of Altavista  $              4,327,000.00 Wastewater
239.84 Western Virginia Water Authority  $            11,192,600.00 Wastewater
239.17 Scott County Public Service Authority  $                  303,500.00 Wastewater
230.75 Wise County Public Service Authority  $                  200,000.00 Wastewater
217.75 Upper Occoquan Service Authority  $              9,790,000.00 Wastewater
207.91 Wythe County  $                  810,650.00 Wastewater
561.61 City of Norfolk  $            11,981,864.00 Stormwater
195.33 City of Martinsville  $              1,924,600.00 Stormwater
N/A City of Norfolk  $                  373,086.00 Brownfield
  Total Requested  $          659,648,842.00  
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