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Renewable Energy Permit by Rule Listing

DEQ notifies the owner/operator in writing of authorization to construct and operate a renewable energy project. Below is a list of small renewable energy projects meeting the requirements for a permit by rule (PBR) under 9VAC15-40 (wind) or 9VAC15-60 (solar) issued within the last year. To view a copy of the authorization letter issued to each facility, click on the project name.

Project Name Permit # County/City MW PBR Issue Date
PBRs Issued Within the Last Year
Maplewood Solar RE0000149 Pittsylvania 120  06/10/2020
Rochambeau Solar, LLC RE0000150 James City 19 05/12/2020
Whitehorn Solar, LLC RE0000106 Pittsylvania  50 04/22/2020
Bedford Solar Center RE0000146 Chesapeake City  70 04/09/2020
Fort Powhatan Solar, LLC RE0000125 Prince George 150 03/19/2020
Nokesville Solar, LLC RE0000061 Prince William 20 02/20/2020
Westmoreland County Solar Project RE0000092 Westmoreland 20 01/28/2020
Foxhound Solar, LLC RE0000092 Halifax 83 01/16/2020
Rivanna Solar, LLC RE0000108 Albemarle 13 01/16/2020
Crystal Hill Solar, LLC RE0000066 Halifax 65 12/17/2019
Pumpkinseed Solar (FKA Meherrin Solar, LLC) RE0000054 Greensville 60 12/17/2019
Depot Solar LLC RE0000090 Campbell 15 11/05/2019
Otter Creek Solar, LLC RE0000055 Mecklenburg 60 10/24/2019
Greensville County Solar Project RE0000093 Greensville 80 10/15/2019
Grasshopper Solar, LLC - Initial PBR
Grasshopper Solar, LLC - Revised PBR
RE0000029 Mecklenburg 80 07/12/2019
Dragonfly Solar, LLC RE0000088 Campbell 80 08/08/2019
Turner Solar, LLC RE0000071 Henrico 20 07/10/2019
Danville Farm, LLC RE0000084 Pittsylvania 12 07/10/2019
Powells Creek Farm Solar, LLC RE0000045 Halifax 70 05/02/2019
Water Strider Solar, LLC RE0000069 Halifax 80 04/30/2019
Sol-Madison Solar, LLC RE0000081 Orange 63 04/23/2019
Hickory Solar RE0000083 Chesapeake 32 03/14/2019
Rives Road Solar, LLC RE0000037 Prince George 20 01/15/2019

 A list of all small renewable energy PBRs issued to date is located in an Excel workbook which is updated as new PBRs are issued.


For questions regarding the PBR Excel spreadsheet, please contact Susan Tripp. If you have any questions or require further information regarding DEQ's Renewable Energy Program, please contact Beth Major at (804) 698-4423.

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