How to Report Pollution

  • Online Pollution Reporting Form

      Making a Report

       If you wish to report a pollution incident or a suspected violation of state environmental law please assemble the following information:

      1. Truck Spill imageWHERE: The location of the incident. In order for the DEQ to investigate we need to know where the problem is and how to get there.
      2. WHEN: The sooner an incident is reported the greater the likelihood that an environmentally protective response can be made.
      3. WHAT: If you know what was released and how much, that can help determine the type of investigation needed.
      4. WHO: If you know the source of the problem or the company/individual causing the problem, please give us that information.

      There are several ways to report a pollution incident:

      Barge spill contained by booms.
      1. During normal work hours call the number listed for the Pollution Response Program (PREP) for the PREP Regional Office Contact that covers the area where the incident occurred.
      2. Alternatively, the new on-line Pollution Reporting Form allows citizens and permittees to report pollution events on-line. Once you complete the form, a unique reference number is provided. IMPORTANT – citizens and permittees should make note of this number. The number will be required for follow-up on any pollution report.
      3. Nights, holidays, and weekends, call the Department of Emergency Management's (DEM) 24 hour reporting number.
        In-state calls only:  1 800 468-8892.
        Out-of-state calls:   1 804 674-2400

      The DEM staff will relay the information to on-call DEQ personnel.

      Remember, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality needs your help to locate, identify, and stop pollution of the state's air, land and water. Even if you don't believe your incident is an emergency you should still report known or suspected pollution problems to the DEQ.

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