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All Virginia Green Travel Partners commit to implementing sustainable practices in core areas:

  • Recycling: Virginia Green Travel Partners actively recycle materials that are readily recyclable in their community and provide customers with opportunities to recycle. 
  • Polystyrene Disposables: Virginia Green Travel Partners have eliminated the use of polystyrene take-out containers and cups.
  • Energy Conservation & Efficiency: Virginia Green Travel Partners actively work to reduce the use of electricity and other energy sources through conservation and use of energy efficient appliances, lighting, equipment and practices.
  • Water Conservation & Efficiency: Virginia Green Travel Partners actively work to reduce water use through general conservation and use of water-efficient fixtures, appliances and practices.
  • Green Events & Meetings: Virginia Green Travel Partners pledge to provide for recycling, reuse of meeting materials, electronic handouts and to reduce wastes to the greatest extent possible when hosting meetings and events.  
  • Consumer Engagement:  Virginia Green Travel Partners pledge to share environmental efforts with customers and promote that it is a Virginia Green Travel Partner on its website and promotional materials.

There are 2 levels of participation in Virginia Green:

  • The Commitment Level only requires that basic commitments to sustainable practices are in place, such as recycling and energy & water conservation.  To join at the Commitment level, members must make a commitment to the practices listed above. 
  • Full Certification requires that several sustainable practices are fully implemented for a larger array of environmental media.  To become a Full Certified Virginia Green Travel Partner, members make a commitment to the practices listed above and provide the following information as part of their application:
    • Recycling & Waste Practices Required:
      • Track solid waste generation and costs
      • Provide guests the opportunity to recycle
      • Recycle a minimum of 3 types of materials (glass, plastics, aluminum, paper...)
      • Identify recycling vendor
      • Do not use polystyrene
      • Identify 4 waste reduction activities that have been implemented
    • Energy Efficiency Practices Required:
      • Track overall energy use and costs
      • Identify 4 energy efficiency activities that have been implemented
    • Water Conservation Practices Required:
      • Track overall water use and costs
      • Identify 4 water conservation practices that have been implemented
    • Support Virginia Green:
      • Identify 2 activities that promote Virginia Green and your facility's sustainable practices
    • Leadership/ Planning/ Green Team Practices Required:
      •  Have engaged and trained staff on the facility's environmental efforts
    • Practices Required for Lodging Facilities:
      • Have implemented an optional linen reuse service
      • Provide information on green meetings & Virginia Green certification in sales marketing materials
    • Practices Required for Wineries:
      • Have implemented sustainable practices specific to wineries (fully insulate wine tanks, high-pressure or steam technologies for cleaning...)
    • Practices Required for Golf Courses:
      • Have a nutrient management plan that has been approved by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
      • Comply with regulations for pesticide use
      • Identify 4 activities specific to golf course that have been implemented

Guests visiting Virginia Green Travel Partners can expect that the facility has at least these activities in place. Participants are encouraged to share all green activities they have undertaken. Consumers can then choose to stay at a facility that offers the green amenities they value. To find Virginia Green Travel Partners visit the Virginia Tourism Corporation's Virginia Green page.  To apply to be a Virginia Green Travel Partner visit the Virginia Green Travel Alliance page.

Virginia Green is a partnership program supported by

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