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 Heritage Oaks Golf Course

Golf courses are closely tied with their surrounding environment and properly managed facilities can greatly minimize their impacts on the environment through various best management practices (BMPs). Golf courses have many opportunities to minimize their environmental impact by making simple, common-sense changes, almost all of which can save money.

Virginia Green Golf Courses is a self-certifying program where facilities must verify that they are at a minimum practicing the Virginia Green Golf Course “core activities” and hopefully doing much more. The Core Activities are:

  • Having a nutrient management plan approved by the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation.
  • Minimizing the use of pesticides and other chemicals:  minimize use of pesticides and fungicides
  • Recycling:  have highly-visible recycling containers
  • Reducing solid waste:  work to reduce its solid waste generation
  • Using water efficiently:  have taken steps toward reducing its water use 
  • Conserving energy:  have taken steps toward reducing its energy use
  • Educating golfers and staff:  materials describing ongoing green activities should be placed throughout the facility
Guests visiting Virginia Green Golf Courses can expect that the facility has at least these activities in place. Participants are encouraged to tell us about all green activities they have undertaken and these are included in the facility’s profile, which appears on our website. Consumers can then choose to play at a facility that offers the green amenities they value.

Approved Nutrient Management Plan

Having an approved Nutrient Management Plan is a requirement of joining Virginia Green as a Golf Course, and we ask that you submit a copy of your approval letter from the DCR with your application. All Virginia golf courses are required to have an approved Nutrient Management Plan by 2017. For more information on DCR's Nutrient Management Program, visit their website.

Getting an approved Nutrient Management Plan

In order to be an official approved Nutrient Management Plan, it must be written by a Certified Nutrient Management Planner and be accompanied by a letter of approval from the Department of Conservation and Recreation. The DCR provides a directory of Virginia Nutrient Management Certified Planners for hire. Once the plan in complete, submit it to DCR for approval. Contact DCR Urban Nutrient Management Specialist  with plans for approval or if you have any questions.

Participating Golf Courses

Resources for Greening Golf Courses

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