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About Virginia Green

What is Virginia Green?                                            Virginia Green Logo

Clean water, clean air and abundant wildlife are what make our mountains, streams and beaches so appealing to tourists. Visitors to Virginia care about the environment and so does our tourism industry! This is the premise behind Virginia Green. It is a network of tourism-related organizations and programs that are committed to protecting the environment while promoting responsible tourism.

Virginia Green is run through a partnership among the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC), the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging and Travel Association (VRLTA) and the Virginia Green Travel Alliance. The program seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of the tourism industry and raise environmental awareness. It started in September 2006 with outreach to hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other lodging facilities by the DEQ Office of Pollution PreventionVirginia Green Lodging expanded to include outreach to all sectors of the hospitality industry.  

DEQ helped to develop the application; however, it no longer manages the application process.  The Office of Pollution Prevention provides technical resources and oversight of the Virginia Green certification content.  The Virginia Green Travel Alliance manages the certification process and helps members promote their green efforts.  As part of Virginia is for Lovers website, VTC hosts a online database that allows consumers to search for accommodations, restaurants, attractions, events and conference facilities that participate in Virginia Green. VTC and VRLTA both work to market Virginia Green to the hospitality and tourism industry. 

Virginia Green Suppliers Network

Virginia Green Suppliers Network (VGSN) was created to serve as a resource for Virginia Green participants that need green products and services. It is meant to serve as a one-stop-shop for Virginia Green and other tourism facilities that are searching for green products and services.

A Virginia Green Supplier is a business that provides sustainable products and services to businesses in the hospitality sector, such as recycling vendors, grease filtering companies, vendors of bio-based food service products, companies that install photovoltaic solar panels, etc. Any business that wants to apply to the Virginia Green program as a Supplier must submit an explanation of the green products or services the business provides. These products or services should assist the Virginia Green members (the hotels, restaurants, etc.) with their own Virginia Green requirements. 

Virginia Green is a partnership program supported by
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