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Dept. of Commerce Sustainable Manufacturing 101 Module

Sample EMS Documents from VEEP Facilities:

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Are You Meeting Your Energy Efficiency Potential?

Are you interested in reducing your energy usage and saving money?  Join us to learn about benchmarking your organizations energy usage, the benefits of energy performance contracts and common energy-efficiency measures that can reduce costs.  Three speakers will share their experience and knowledge:

  • Learn about energy benchmarking:  Benchmarking energy usage allows an organization to compare its energy performance to itself, its peers or other established norms.  Since “you can’t manage what you don’t measure,” benchmarking helps building owners identify opportunities for savings and measure the success of efficiency improvements.  Carrie Webster, the Energy Manager for Henrico County, will share information on how Henrico benchmarked their building energy use and how they are using the information to meet their Energy Plan goals.
  • Learn about the benefits of energy performance contracts (EPC):  Nick Polier with the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy will discuss how to implement an EPC, what to look for in an energy services company and highlight successful EPCs in Virginia.
  • Learn about energy saving practices: The North Carolina State Industrial Assessment Center provides free energy, productivity and waste assessments to small and medium sized industrial facilities through funding provided by the US Department of Energy.  Dr. Terry will share some of the most common energy recommendations the Center has suggested in the 600+ assessments it has completed.  To date, the Center's recommendations have exceeded 9 trillion BTU's in energy saving with an estimated savings of $101 million.

The recording can be viewed at anytime by signing up: Are you meeting your energy efficiency potential?

Creating a Culture of Sustainability: Increasing Buy-In Through Communication

View recorded webinar to learn about Creating a Culture of Sustainability: Increasing Buy-In Through Communication.

  • Learn how to communicate environmental programs to staff and upper management.
  • Discover ways to increase awareness.
  • Hear about different methods for getting buy-in. 
  • Roanoke Cement’s Lindsey Layman will discuss increasing employee involvement in environmental management using a blend of traditional and non-traditional techniques such as having pollution prevention teams and creating several habitats throughout the facility used for educational activities.
  • General Electric’s Christian Simmers will discuss ideas and best practices on how to engage your workforce and make involvement in your EMS fun and exciting through recognition and reward programs. We will also discuss ways to engage management under two different circumstances, with and without corporate mandates, as these approaches may be considerably different.

The recording can be viewed at anytime by signing up: Creating a Culture of Sustainability 

 Environmental Management: Taking Control of Your Environmental Risks

View the recorded webinar to learn more about how you can manage your environmental risks and add value to your business.  Learn about environmental management systems (EMS) and what it takes to implement a strong environmental program at any facility.  DEQ's Morgan Goodman provides an EMS overview, with a focus on the early stages of implementation, and discusses strategies for developing a successful environmental program at any level. Smithfield's Carter Hanson discusses Smithfield's environmental management system and its benefits.  

The recording can be viewed at anytime by signing up: Environmental Management: Taking Control of Environmental Risks

Sample EMS Documents from VEEP Facilities

General EMS Information

National PEER Center Training

The National PEER Center (The Public Entity EMS Resource Center) serves as a one-stop shop for EMS information and resources for public organizations.  Local, county, and state governments that are developing and implementing an EMS will find the PEER Center useful and can share their knowledge and field experience with others.  Virginia Tech's Center for Organizational and Technological Advancement (COTA), located at The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center, Roanoke, Virginia, is an EPA designated Local PEER Center.  

Develop or update your Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2015) to conform with the new 2015 Standard.  This includes integrating ISO14001 environmental and ISO9001 quality programs, improving operational efficiency, reducing the risk of environmental and infrastructure failure and regulatory violations, meeting your business unit objectives, and saving money. Register today for Virginia Tech’s ESMS Institute at:


Sector Specific EMS Information


Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies information

See the Virginia Source for Energy (VISE) for more information.



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