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Regionally Focused EMS Initiatives

VEEP facilities in many areas of Virginia are finding that there are significant rewards from networking with their peers or focusing their EMSs on regional environmental priorities. This page outlines several of those initiatives and regional environmental priorities. DEQ strongly encourages these efforts and is hoping to add content to this page. Please contact Meghann Quinn with your ideas.

The Virginia Regional Environmental Management System (V-REMS) is a partnership of federal, state, and local public and private organizations that collaborate to address regional community and environmental issues.  The innovative partnership strengthens community relationships and promotes environmental sustainability by reducing air emissions, improving water quality, and minimizing waste in the areas where its partners operate. The V-REMS partnership also provides specific benefits to each of its partnering organizations by helping them to:  improve local and regional environmental quality; build communication and trust between partners and the community; and, cost effectively manage their environmental impacts to improve environmental sustainability. V-REMS participants do not all have Environmental Management Systems (EMS).  Rather, the common bond between V-REMS partners is their commitment to improving the environmental performance of their respective organizations and the environmental quality of the regional environment.

Rivanna Environmental Management System Alliance
The Rivanna Environmental Management System Alliance (REMSA) is a regional EMS partnership formed in the summer of 2005 in the Charlottesville-Albemarle County area. REMSA partners include the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, University of Virginia, Rivanna Water and Sewer/Solid Waste Authority, and Albemarle County Public Schools. REMSA formed from the desire of the partners to serve as a support group to help each other through the challenging EMS process. The group has evolved into a mutually beneficial partnership that works collaboratively to pursue environmental initiatives and realize environmental improvements on a regional level. REMSA partners have benefited from sharing information, ideas, and best practices, pooling resources and experience, and learning from each other's successes and mistakes. 

Chesapeake Bay-Focused EMS
The regional Chesapeake Bay Program, a regional effort of the Bay area states, EPA and the District of Columbia, has developed a document called an “Introduction to a Chesapeake Bay-Focused Environmental Management System (EMS).” The guide includes general information about EMS development as well as possible approaches to customizing the elements of an EMS to focus on Chesapeake Bay restoration and sustainment goals.


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