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VEEP Framework

The facility-based track of VEEP has three types of participation:

  • E2...for those facilities who are interested in beginning or are in the early stages of implementing an EMS and pollution prevention program and have a record of sustained compliance with environmental regulations.
  • E3...for those facilities with a fully-implemented EMS and a pollution prevention program with documented results and a record of sustained compliance with environmental regulations.
  • E4...for those facilities with a fully-implemented EMS (that has been verified by an independent third party) that have committed to measures for continuous and sustainable environmental progress and community involvement.

As of 2012, there is also an organization-level track, VEEP Sustainability Partners.

Factsheet on VEEP E2, E3 or E4 participation..

Factsheet on either being mentored by a VEEP E4 facility or becoming a VEEP mentor for other facilities.

How to Apply to VEEP:

1. Ensure that you:
  • Are a Virginia facility that impacts the environment through its operations, activities, processes, or location;
  • Have no judgment or conviction for a criminal violation of the environmental protection laws in the previous five years;
  • Have no more than two significant environmental violations in the previous three years;
  • Have no unresolved notices of violations or potential violations of environmental requirements;
  • Are in compliance with the terms of any order or enforcement measure;
  • Are willing to work cooperatively with DEQ to resolve problems; and,
  • Operate in a manner consistent with environmental stewardship and leadership.
2. Choose what level to apply for:
If you have begun development of an EMS and have completed:
  • An Environmental Policy Statement
  • Identification of Environmental Impacts
  • Establishment of Targets
  • A Pollution Prevention Program

Then apply for E2.

If you a fully implemented EMS and

  • Documented results
  • An EMS self-assessment
  • Procedures for communicating environmental information to the public

Then apply for E3.

If you have a mature EMS, aggressive environmental performance goals, a process for engaging the local community, and continued progress toward performance goals, including:

  • One full EMS cycle completed
  • Third party EMS auditing

Then apply for E4.  

3. Complete and submit application.
DEQ accepts application on a rolling basis.  A VEEP staff member will contact you once the application review process has begun and will post the names of your facility as 'under review' for participation on the VEEP website. The application review process is illustrated in the factsheet on how to apply.

How does DEQ notify the public regarding who has applied for and who has been accepted in the VEEP?
DEQ staff will contact the facility once the application review process has begun. For the purposes of notifying the public, DEQ will post the names of facilities under review for participation as well as those that have been accepted on its web site. DEQ regularly updates the web site. View the members of VEEP.

Are there any reporting requirements for VEEP?
An annual report is required to remain a participant in good standing at all levels of the program. Facilities must show overall improvement in the operation of their EMS and pollution prevention program as well as no significant compliance issues to stay in the program. Reports for the previous calendar year for all facilities must be submitted to DEQ by April 1 of the following year in order to remain a participant in good standing. Facilities not submitting annual reports by April 1 will jeopardize the continuation of any VEEP incentives that may apply to them, including permit fee discounts and recognition. Please contact Keith Boisvert at 804-698-4225 with questions on annual reporting.

Can a facility's participation in VEEP be terminated by DEQ?
Termination or removal from VEEP may occur in the following situations:

  • Failure to document overall improvement in environmental management system and pollution prevention in the annual report (required documentation will differ for the E2, E3 and E4 program levels);
  • Significant change in compliance status such that the facility no longer is considered to have a record of sustained compliance; or
  • Failure of the facility to meet its commitments to the program on a continuous basis.

A review for possible removal will automatically be triggered under these circumstances. Applicants will have an opportunity to request a reconsideration of a termination decision by the Director of the Division of Environmental Enhancement. If a facility is terminated from the program, it must reapply to be considered for participation in the future.

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