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Sustainability Program

Applications for the 2021 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards will be available soon. To be notified when applications are available, sign up for the VEEP newsletter

2020 Sustainability Program Application – Please contact Meghann Quinn for any accessibility issues with this document.

This award category is intended to provide recognition to organizations or facilities that can document the success of their sustainability program by providing evidence of:

  • A culture of environmental sustainability;
  • Recent accomplishments related to reducing their environmental footprint; and,
  • A commitment to future sustainability-oriented actions.

DEQ considers sustainability to be meeting the needs of the present without compromising the environmental resource needs of future generations. Winners in this category will be those that have made sustainability an integral part of their organizational culture through leadership, innovation and continual improvement. The sustainability award form provides applicants multiple ways to document that their organization is operating in a sustainable manner.

Judging Criteria for Sustainability Category:

Applicants should address each of the following criteria, making sure to include complete and concise answers that are responsive to the application questions.  

  • Environmental Results:  [35 points maximum] How has the program reduced the facility or organization's environmental footprint? What quantifiable environmental results have been achieved by the program?
  • Cost Savings: [15 points maximum] What cost savings has the sustainability program achieved?
  • Other Economic Benefits: [15 points maximum] What other, less quantifiable, economic benefits can be attributed to your organization having a sustainability program (e.g., increased market share, insurance discounts and favorable financing rates)?
  • Internal Participation and Involvement: [15 points maximum] How have employees been involved in the planning, development or implementation of the program?
  • Leadership and Innovation: [20 points maximum] How is (or can) the program be a model for others? What makes it innovative? How does (or can) the program positively contribute to promoting sustainability beyond your fenceline (e.g., in the community, regionally, nationally, etc.)?


Contact Meghann Quinn with questions.

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