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Waste Tire Haulers

Some waste tire generators deliver their waste tires to a recycling or disposal facility while others rely on the services of a waste tire hauler. Such service providers, i.e., waste tire haulers, may "cull" the tires (removing good tires for resale) during the collection process before delivering waste tires to a waste tire processor . 

DEQ utilizes a voluntary hauler registration system whereby haulers can receive a hauler registration number from the agency provided they:

         1.  Satisfactorily pass a DEQ records check;

         2.  Have a local business license;

         3.  Have a viable destination for the waste tires; and

         4.  Have a valid tax ID/FIN #.

Registered waste tire haulers are asked to develop and to utilize a tracking form similar to DEQ's previously distributed Waste Tire Certification forms to better track the flow of waste tires from Virginia generators.  This tracking form (sometimes called a manifest form) provides documentation to the generator that the tires were picked up by a reputable hauler registered with DEQ, and also provides the processor with documentation on the generation point for the waste tires (Virginia or non-Virginia site).

Waste tire haulers may not store tires on any public or private property (including their own), and must deliver the collected tires directly to a processor or licensed disposal point.

Note: DEQ does not endorse any of these businesses nor can it ensure their handling of waste tires is in compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permits. It is the waste tire generator/user's responsibility to ensure that his waste tires are handled properly.

Registered Waste Tire Hauler (2019)

804 Auto Repair (Richmond, VA) 804-893-4043

ABC Tire (Waynesboro, VA) 540-932-7633

AM Tires (Roanoke, VA) 540-589-1007

Angelo's Tire And Auto (Chesapeake, VA) 757-752-5000

Brandon's Mobile Tire Service (Virginia Beach, VA) 757-528-8311

C2G LTD. Co. (Goose Creek, SC) 843-879-0942

Can-Tain-It, LLC (Bridgewater, VA) 540-820-7020

CJC Services (Gloucester, VA) 757-746-6122

Desper Hauling, LLC (Goshen, VA) 434-315-4272

Diverse City Transport, LLC(Amelia, VA) 804-840-1899

E.A.R.T. Inc. (Newport News, VA) 757-595-9919

East Coast Tires, Inc. (Richmond, VA) 804-918-9141

East End Tire, Inc. (Richmond, VA) 804-226-8473

Emanuel Tire Company - Baltimore (Baltimore, MD) 410-566-0507

Fisher Tire Service (Nathalie, VA) 434-572-5784

Garner Tire (Roanoke, VA) 540-580-3023

Git The Trucking Commercial Tires (Richmond, VA) 804-231-3670

International Trading Corp. of Virginia (Hampton, VA) 757-722-3299

J & J Tire Recycling (Fredericksburg, VA) 540-220-6594

Kross Enterprises, Inc. (Wharton, Texas) 800-828-3350

Low Cost Tire & Service Center (Newport News, VA) 757-591-2305

MetalPro, Inc. (Springfield, VA) 703-451-8300

Metro Service Center, Inc. (Washington, DC) 202-582-9240

Moe's Tires (Hampton, VA) 757-879-9721

New River Tire Recycling (Hillsville, VA) 276-733-9209

Old Dominion Tire Service, Inc. (Midlothian, VA) 804-744-1425

Patriot Recycling (Bristol, TN) 423-573-1205, ext 104

Pay-Less Tires& Auto Care (Newport News, VA) 757-988-0311

Rimtyme Custom Wheels & Tires (Colonial Heights, VA) 804-520-0191

Rimtyme Custom Wheels & Tires (Hampton, VA) 757-827-0570

Rimtyme Custom Wheels & Tires (Richmond, VA) 804-273-9250

Tire City Upcycle LLC (Princeton, WV) 681-222-9188

Tire Pickerz (Henrico, VA) 606-303-3588

Tire Solutions (Palmyra, VA) 434-260-9920

Tread Setters (Petersburg, VA) 804-732-0103

Truck Stop Supply Co., LLC (New Kingston, PA) 717-776-3051

Tuff Enuf Recycling Service (Virginia Beach, VA) 757-724-2978

U.S. Bulk Transport, Inc. (Erie, PA) 814-824-9949

US Tire Recycling (Concord, NC) 704-784-1210

Virginia Recycling Corp. (Providence Forge, VA) 804-966-5159

VVT Tires (Leesburg, VA) 703-599-9230

Waste Management of Virginia (Chesapeake, VA) 757-558-6213

Waste Tire Haulers of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA) 434-962-5675


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