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End User Reimbursement Program

The Virginia DEQ is proud of its ongoing efforts to strengthen the market for Virginia-derived waste tire material.

The DEQ’s End User Reimbursement (EUR) Program, authorized in 1994 by the Virginia General Assembly (§10.1-1418.3 of the Code of Virginia) provides a financial rebate to those recyclers who use Virginia tire material in their products or processes.

The EUR program provides incentives in the form of direct payments to waste tire end users of Virginia-generated waste tire material who capture, process and/or beneficially use waste tires generated in Virginia.At this time, reimbursement rates are $15.00 per ton for current flow tire material or $100 per ton for waste tire material from a DEQ certified tire pile.

Eligible End Uses

According to the provisions of the Waste Tire EUR Regulations, Eligible end uses include:

  1. Burning of waste tire materials for energy recovery.
  2. Civil engineering applications which utilize waste tire material as a substitute for soil, sand, or aggregate in construction projects such as road bases and embankments, septic system drainage media, fill material and several landfill applications. Note: Civil engineering is particularly well suited for use of old, dirty and decaying tire pile tire material.
  3. Products made from waste tire materials such as rubberized asphalt, mats, recreational surfaces, drainage systems, building materials and recycled products.
  4. Pyrolysis of waste tires.

Waste tires must be shown to have been generated in Virginia through documentation such as a Waste Tire Certification. Waste tires are considered Virginia-generated if they meet one of these criteria:

  1. Discarded as the result of a sale, trade, or exchange in Virginia; or
  2. from a Virginia tire pile that existed prior to the effective date of the Regulation (December 20, 1994); or
  3. From a Virginia tire pile that was created without the property owner's knowledge or permission.

Interested applicants, should download and complete a form by clicking on the "Forms and Documents" link on the left.

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