Voluntary Remediation Program

There have been several recent programmatic changes with the Voluntary Remediation Program, all with the express intent to improve customer experience, reduce program retention time, and add value to projects.  DEQ combined the Voluntary Remediation and Brownfield Programs and Meade Anderson is the Program Manager. The benefits are these two programs are now combined into one program to maximize their effectiveness. 

DEQ offers a pre-application meeting or conference if needed to assist in providing an understanding of the program for those who are not familiar and we have set a goal of 30 days for application review rather than the 60 days allowed by the regulations.  Additionally, once a site has been deemed eligible, DEQ conducts kickoff meetings to help both DEQ and the Participant understand specific needs and goals of each project, including timelines to best ensure the most seamless and timely technical document submittal and reviews.  Also, the VRP Remediation Project Managers now have the responsibility to more completely manage the risk assessment and management aspects of a project that will help speed up the risk assessment review process. Additionally, DEQ has developed the Virginia Unified Risk Assessment Model (VURAM) model as an improved risk assessment tool. Lastly, DEQ has streamlined the internal review process of finalizing Certificates, all with the purposeful intent of getting sites through the VRP more quickly. 

DEQ understands that time is money and wants to do all it can to help complete these beneficial projects more quickly and efficiently resulting in the compatible goals of site redevelopment and enhanced environmental outcomes. As always, DEQ appreciates all participation in the VRP and continues looking for ways to add value to VRP projects.   If there are additional ways that DEQ can be more helpful or accommodating please don’t hesitate to contact Meade Anderson at either j.meade.anderson@deq.virginia.gov or direct by phone by dialing 804 698 4179.

Voluntary Remediation Program

The purpose of the Voluntary Remediation Program is to encourage hazardous substance cleanups that might not otherwise take place. The VRPprogram is a streamlined mechanism for site owners or operators to voluntarily address contamination at sites with concurrence from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

When the remediation is satisfactorily completed, DEQ issues a 'certification of satisfactory completion of remediation.' 

This VRPcertification provides assurance that the remediated site will not later become the subject of a DEQ enforcement action unless new issues are discovered. It is anticipated that the VRP will facilitate the sale and reuse of industrial and commercial properties in the Commonwealth, which is an important benefit to all Virginia residents.

As the potential environmental liabilities of reusing or further developing existing commercial properties diminishes, economic benefits are expected for both the buyer and seller. An added benefit is the decrease of expansion of commercial sites onto pristine lands. By overseeing the process, DEQ is able to ensure that the cleanup achieves a satisfactory level of human health and environmental protection. The program is not intended to serve as an alternative to or refuge from applicable laws, regulatory requirements or enforcement actions.


Featured Topics

  • VRP Project Officers use a checklist as a tool to help check for completeness and adherence to regulatory requirements.  VRP participants are welcome to use it during preparation of submittals to DEQ.
  • The VRP Vapor Intrusion Fact Sheet is available.  The fact sheet is intended to provide instruction on screening VRP sites that have the potential for vapor intrusion risk. 
  • VRP Tier III screening values based on vapor intrusion have been revised. See VRP Risk Assessment page for more details.
  • Information on characterizing and remediating Dry-cleaning site under DEQ's Voluntary Remediation Program is presented in the VRP Dry-cleaner Power Point presentation. Additional information is available from the State Coalition for  Remediation of Dry-Cleaners at www.drycleancoalition.org.
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