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Risk Assessment - Virginia Unified Risk Assessment Model

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DEQ strives to provide the regulated community with risk assessment tools for several regulatory programs. These tools help with overall efficiency of review of risk assessments. However, maintenance and update of several different tools has been challenging due to staff and funding limitations. In order to improve the efficiency of information maintenance and transfer, Virginia DEQ has developed a Microsoft Access based mathematical model for risk assessment called Virginia Unified Risk Assessment Model (VURAM). This model is developed and maintained by Virginia DEQ, and is the recommended tool for conducting a quantitative risk assessment at RCRA CA, RCRA permitting, Solid Waste, VRP/Brownfield facilities. VURAM may be used as a reference, and if desired for CERCLA/Federal Facilities.

The risk assessment information in the VURAM User Guide provides a quick overview of core principles of risk assessment. Neither VURAM nor its User Guide is meant to be used as sole reference for risk assessment guidance or risk assessment protocol. VURAM and its User’s Guide do not replace, revise, or supersede Federal or State regulatory, risk assessment, and/ or program-specific requirements or guidance. Please refer to Regulatory program specific risk assessment pages (RCRA CA RA, RCRA Permitting RA, Solid Waste RA, VRP RA) for more details. Use of VURAM is effective of October 6, 2016.We no longer accept risk assessment reports conducted using different or outdated risk assessment  tools.


Some of the content may not be in an accessible format pursuant to Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (29 U.S.C. § 794 (d)). Please call 800-592-5482 if you need assistance.

Download and save VURAM User Guide.

Download and save VURAM.

To track changes made in VURAM, refer the Change Log.

Webinar Training for VURAM.

Refer to the VURAM User Guide for instruction on how to install and use VURAM. The latest version of VURAM supersedes all previous versions. Therefore the participant must ensure that the most current version of VURAM is used for risk assessment.

The VURAM database includes chemical-specific parameters including toxicity values as well as exposure defaults for various land use, receptor, and environmental media. These inputs are provided and updated periodically by EPA Region 3 RSL table User’s Guide and Calculator. DEQ Risk Assessment staff will make every attempt to update the information in VURAM and the User’s Guide and to incorporate the most recent data from EPA RSL website.

Include all the results of screening level and quantitative risk assessment as well as VURAM report (output) in entirely. Incomplete submissions will result in delay of risk assessment based decision-making. Several MSExcel based tables provided in previous DEQ risk assessment guidance (e.g, VRP and RCRA RA tables) have been replaced and superseded by VURAM (as indicated on program-specific risk assessment webpages), therefore use of these outdated tables is not acceptable and will result in DEQ requesting a revised submission using VURAM. VURAM replaces and supersedes the risk assessment module of REAMS software. REAMS software must not be used for quantitative risk assessment. VURAM does not include fate-and-transport based modeling for soil-to-groundwater transfer, for which the facility may choose to use the SESOIL module of REAMS. Please contact DEQ for more details on fate-and-transport modeling.

For VURAM Risk Assessment questions contact DEQ Risk Assessors.

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