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Brownfields/Land Renewal

Brownfield Success Stories

The following examples of brownfield redevelopment success stories show innovative and beneficial ways in which environmentally impacted sites in Virginia are being put back to productive use. Find out how you too can take advantage of redevelopment opportunities in Virginia from those that have already done so. 

Imagine of the Jackson Park Inn in Pulaski, Virginia. Link associated with this photo takes you to the Virginia Brownfields Success Story Map hosted by ESRI.

 Click on the image above to view brownfields success stories in Virginia. 

Brownfields/Land Renewal

DEQ is helping to turn contaminated properties back to productive use across the state as we collaborate with property owners for commonsense, cost savings, and innovative approaches to resolving brownfield issues. We encourage you to learn more about our program by exploring our website or contacting program staff. Thank you for your interest in our program. For questions, please contact Vincent Maiden at or
(804) 698-4064.

§ 10.1-1231. Brownfield Restoration and Land Renewal Policy and Programs

It shall be the policy of the Commonwealth to encourage remediation and restoration of brownfields by removing barriers and providing incentives and assistance whenever possible. The Department of Environmental Quality and the Economic Development Partnership and other appropriate agencies shall establish policies and programs to implement these policies, including a Voluntary Remediation Program, the Brownfields Restoration and Redevelopment Fund, and other measures as may be appropriate.

Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser (BFPP)

Requesting a BFPP or other comfort letters from DEQ is quick and easy.   All you need to do is complete a Brownfields Site Environmental Summary for the site that is conveniently available in electronic format. The Brownfields Site Environmental Summary is also available in as a printable format.  This form should be submitted along with recent Environmental Site Assessment Reports and other relevant documents.   These documents can be submitted electronically to Vincent Maiden.   Please note that large files should be sent through a an electronic file transfer system. If you have any questions please call (804) 698-4064 for assistance.  


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