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Recycling, Litter Prevention and Tax Credits Programs Overview

The Recycling Program works closely with local governments and solid waste planning units to ensure that locality-based recycling programs are able to meet or exceed the state's mandated recycling rates. DEQ provides guidance on recycling topics and programs, tracks and reports on Virginia's recycling efforts, and works with businesses, localities, other state agencies and environmental groups to promote environmental awareness through recycling. Staff work with the interested parties from the public and private sectors to identify opportunities to strengthen the state's recycling infrastructures. DEQ encourages citizens to follow the waste management hierarchy and engage in recycling

The Virginia General Assembly has also passed legislation requiring localities to meet mandated recycling rates and also provided incentives in form of a state income tax credit to facilities for the purchase of machinery and equipment processing recyclable materials. The State also provides a financial rebate to those recyclers who use Virginia tire material in their processes and making a final product.

Senate Bill 218 was adopted by the 2018 General Assembly and directed the Department to provide an evaluation of recycling rates and recommendations for improving the reliability of the supply of recycled materials during the next 10 years in order to provide for beneficial use by industry. This report was due to the General Assembly by Nov. 1, 2019.

The Litter Prevention Program coordinates the distribution of annual grants to localities for recycling and litter activities, provides information and guidance on litter prevention and recycling topics, and works with localities, litter prevention program managers, and environmental groups on improving awareness of how litter damages the environment. Program staff track and report on how localities use their grants to support their litter prevention and recycling programs.

DEQ staff works with the Litter Control and Recycling Fund Advisory Board on the grant process. For questions about litter prevention and recycling, please contact

To find out specific information about recycling or litter prevention program activities in your area, visit your locality's web site by using any of the web-based search engines.

For questions about recycling topics, including waste tire management and used oil topics, contact Sanjay Thirunagari at (804) 698-4193.

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Guidelines for Annual Recycling Rate Reporting

2019 Recycling Reports:

2018 Recycling Reports:

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