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UST Compliance Information

New UST Requirements Guidance Effective January 1, 2021

The guidance document "New Underground Storage Tank Requirements effective January 1, 2021" is now available for download.

UST Regulation and Guidance Links

UST Technical Regulation, 9VAC 25-580 (pdf document)

UST Technical Regulation, 9VAC 25-580 (Legislative Information Services)

Summary of 2018 & 2021 Requirements Handout

Guidance on UST Technical Regulation: Changes Effective on January 1, 2018

Storage Tank Program Compliance Manual

Virginia's Guidelines for Underground Storage Tank Cathodic Protection Evaluation

Field Constructed Tanks and Airport Hydrant Systems Guidance

Guidance on Risk-Based Inspection Strategy (RBIS) for USTs

EPA Guidance

USEPA has developed a number of guidance documents to help owners and operators understand the new requirements. Click here to go to EPA's UST guidance page.


Cathodic Protection Evaluation Form

UST Operator Class Designation Form

Notification Forms

Use the forms below to notify DEQ of new USTs or new UST facilities, as well as amendments to existing USTs and facilities and facility sales.

Form 7530-3 Use this form to notify DEQ of new tanks, new facilities, or certain changes to existing tanks at a UST facility. 
Form 7530-3 Instructions
Form 7530-3A Use this form to notify DEQ if you sold your USTs or UST facility.
Form 7530-3A Instructions
Form 7530-3B Use this form to notify DEQ of changes at multiple UST facilities.
Form 7530-3B Instructions
Form 7530-3C 
Use this short form in place of Form 7530 if you have purchased ALL of the USTs at a facility.

(These are fillable forms. Download the file to your computer and open with Adobe Reader. Select the 'Fill & Sign Tool' and use the Fill tool to complete the form. The Sign portion of the tool is not admissible by DEQ at this time. To sign a form submitted to DEQ, print the form, sign with a pen, and submit to DEQ.)

Tools and Resources

UST Regulation Training Slides Slides from the Fall 2019 presentation on new UST requirements. 

New UST Requirements Webinar The September 2019 webinar about new UST requirements is available for viewing. Follow the link and complete the fields to view the webinar.

UST System & Biofuel Compatibility Checklist: This checklist can help owners and operators determine and document the compatibility of their UST systems and notify DEQ 30 days prior to storing biofuels in a UST system.

Operator Training Provider List: This is a list of companies approved to offer operator training in Virginia.

Corrosion Risks in UST Systems storing Diesel Fuel This DEQ quicksheet provides ways to identify and prevent corrosion in diesel fuel systems storing diesel fuel.

PEI's RP1200 and RP900 The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) has developed recommended practices for testing spill, overfill, leak detection, and secondary containment equipment as well as for performing walkthrough inspections of UST system equipment. The recommended practices are available for purchase on their website. 

Climate Change and Flooding Resources

Virginia Flood Risk Information System (VFRIS). VFRIS is a web-based GIS designed to help communities, real estate agents, property buyers and property owners discern an area's flood risk. Tank and facility owners can use VFRIS to assess the risk of flood damage to their property. Direct questions on flood zones to the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and to the appropriate local authority.

The EPA document Underground Storage Tank Flood Guide is a useful resource for preparing your UST system for hurricanes and severe rain events.

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