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Pipelines transport natural gas, oil, refined petroleum products, and various chemicals throughout the U.S. Both interstate and intrastate pipelines exist in the Commonwealth.

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  • Proposed, interstate pipeline projects are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and are reviewed by DEQ.
  • Proposed, interstate pipelines are required to submit permits and certifications to protect Virginia's water quality.
  • Constructed pipelines are regulated by the Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.  
  • Within Virginia, natural gas and liquid pipeline safety is regulated by the State Corporation Commission
  • DEQ regulates land disturbance associated with pipeline construction under the Erosion and Sediment Control Regulation 9VAC 25-840-10 et seq and the Virginia Stormwater Management Program Regulation 9VAC 25-870-10 et seq.
  • DEQ regulates liquid pipelines as "facilities" under the Facility and Aboveground Storage Tank Regulation 9VAC 25-91-10 et seq.
  • All oil pipelines are subject to the Aboveground Storage Tank and Pipeline Facility Financial Responsibility Requirements 9VAC25-640-10 et seq.
  • An oil discharge from a pipeline must be reported immediately to the locality, the state, and the appropriate federal authorities. State notifications of oil discharges must be made to the appropriate DEQ Regional Office during the hours of 8:15 am to 5:00 pm. At all other times, notifications must be made to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management at (804) 674-2400 or 1-800-468-8892 (24-hour number) See Reporting a Release for additional information.

Contact Information

Report a Pollution Complaint:Prep Program

Oil Pipeline Requirements:John Giese (804) 698-4287 or 

Erosion & Sediment Control &Stormwater Management: Hannah Zegler (804) 698-4206 or

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