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UST Notification

Underground Storage Tank (UST) registration forms can be found on the Files & Forms page.

Anyone who owns or operates a regulated UST must notify DEQ of the existence of the UST. Anyone who has knowledge of an UST on their property abandoned or in use), whether or not they are the owner/operator (o/o), must notify DEQ of the existence of the UST.

A UST owner is:

  • Anyone who owned an UST system that was in use or brought into use on or after November 8, 1984.
  • For a UST system that was in use before November 8, 1984, but not on or after that date, the owner would be the person who owned the system when the UST system was last used.

NOTE: The term "owner" does not include any person who, without participating in the management of an underground storage tank or being otherwise engaged in petroleum production, refining, and marketing, hold indicia of ownership primarily to protect the holder's security interest in the tank.

An operator is:

  • Any person in control of, or having responsibility for, the daily operation of an UST system.

Notification must be provided to DEQ for all regulated USTs (regardless of the age of the tanks or if they are no longer in use)

Regulated USTs, in general, are:

  • Commercial tanks containing regulated substances that have a storage capacity greater than 110 gallons;
  • Farm or residential tanks used to store motor fuel that have a storage tank capacity greater than 1,100 gallons;

NOTE: This is an abbreviated list; the complete definition of UST can be found in the UST Technical Regulation 9 VAC 25-580-10.

To notify DEQ of the existence of an UST, complete a Notification for UST Form 7530-3 and send it to the appropriate DEQ Regional Office.

UST systems that were last used before December 22, 1988, (this is the date the Federal UST regulations became effective) and have not been used after that date, are considered closed. However, notification must still be provided to DEQ . If you know there are USTs on your property (regardless of the fact that they may be properly closed in place or no longer used), you must notify DEQ .

A Notification for Underground Storage Tanks Form 7530-3 must be filed any time there is a change in:

  1. Ownership (sold property, name/company change, address changes, etc.);
  2. Tank status (closing a tank-permanently or temporarily);
  3. Tank/piping systems (upgrades);
  4. Substances stored (gasoline to kerosene, etc.)
  5. Installation of new UST systems. Required installation documentation includes:
    • certification of tank installation (Page 1 of Form 7530-3);
    • owner certification;
  6. Financial responsibility documentation (Page 1 of Form 7530-3)

All Notification Forms MUST be sent to the appropriate DEQ Regional Office within 30 days of the change or installation of a new UST system.

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