UST Compliance Assistance

 The State Water Control Board promulgates Virginia's regulations which include Underground Storage Tanks. The following file is downloadable in PDF format by clicking on the following link.  Underground storage tanks; technical standards and corrective action requirements  Scroll thru each section of 9VAC25-580.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Operating & Maintaining UST Systems – Practical Help and Checklists” document is an overall reference designed to assist underground storage tank (UST) owners/operators with complying with the UST regulations.  Checklists prompt the user to look closely at what kinds of equipment are in use and how to keep that equipment working properly over the lifetime of the UST system. See EPA links for guidance:

NOTE: Some of the new federal requirements mentioned in the "Operating & Maintaining UST Systems" publication are not effective in Virginia at this time because the publication has been amended to include the new federal regulatory changes.  Virginia has state program approval from EPA and enforces its own UST regulations.  Virginia’s amended UST regulation, which incorporates the new federal requirements, will become effective on January 1, 2018.

Tank Release Detection

“Straight Talk on Tanks:  Leak Detection Methods for Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks and Piping”

This booklet provides easy-to-understand descriptions of several leak detection methods for tanks and piping, as well as explanations of the regulatory requirements for leak detection. Leak detection methods include: secondary containment with interstitial monitoring, automatic tank gauging, vapor monitoring, groundwater monitoring, statistical inventory control, tank tightness testing with inventory control, and manual tank gauging.   Note:  USTs (tanks and/or piping) installed on or after September 15, 2010 must use interstitial monitoring for release detection.

 Inventory Control

 “Doing Inventory Control Right” 

This 17-page booklet describes inventory control methods that can be used to help UST system and operators meet federal regulatory leak detection requirements. The booklet provides a step-by-step process for inventory control that is clear and easy to follow.

Manual Tank Gauging

“Manual Tank Gauging for Smaller Underground Storage Tanks”

This 12-page booklet explains the federal and state laws that require USTs to be equipped with leak detection systems. Although much attention has been focused on large USTs, it is important that leaks from smaller tanks (generally less than 2,000 gallons of capacity) also have leak detection systems. This booklet provides simple, easy to follow, step-by-step directions for the correct way to conduct manual tank gauging for these smaller tanks.

Automatic Tank Gauging

“Getting the Most Out Of Your Automatic Tank Gauging System”

This tri-fold leaflet provides UST owners and operators with a basic checklist they can use to make sure their automatic tank gauging systems work effectively. As a compliance assistance tool, the leaflet focuses on what actions the UST owner and operator must take to comply with leak detection requirements and prevent significant cleanup problems.

Vapor Monitoring

The DEQ Storage Tank Program has developed guidance for evaluating vapor monitoring data collected as part of release detection at UST & AST facilities. This guidance provides a procedure that staff and storage tank owners/operators may use to evaluate vapor monitoring data to determine if a release should be suspected. Persons downloading this guidance may wish to download the accompanying spreadsheet (MS Excel format) that performs the statistical calculations discussed in the guidance document.

Guidance for evaluating vapor monitoring data collected   PDF format

Spreadsheet for calculating vapor monitoring data for release detection   MS Excel format

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

“Introduction To Statistical Inventory Reconciliation For Underground Storage Tanks”

This 12-page booklet provides basic information on this leak detection method.

Cathodic Protection Systems

“Guidelines for UST Cathodic Protection Evaluation” address all major aspects of a proper cathodic protection (CP) system evaluation and Virginia’s CP installation, maintenance, and testing requirements.


DEQ has developed forms for underground storage tank owners to use when registering tanks. These forms are all the forms necessary to register USTs. The Form 7530-3 series are available in PDF Fillable Forms format by following the link below and navigating to "Notification Forms".

PDF Fillable Registration Forms

Secondary Containment

“Guidelines for Underground Storage Tank Secondary Containment” summarizes secondary containment requirements that apply to USTs installed on or after September 15, 2010.

Temporary Closure Requirements

Temporary Closure requirements may be found by clicking here:

Field Constructed Tanks and Airport Hydrant Systems

Requirements for these tanks and systems can be found here: Field Constructed Tanks and Airport Hydrant Systems Guidance


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