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Central Office Contacts

Central Office Petroleum Tank Program Managers

 Name Contact Name/EMail Phone number
Office of Spill Response and Remediation Director  Betty Lamp  (804) 698-4322
Technical Programs  Karen Haley-Wingate  (804) 698-4275
Regulatory Programs   Renee Hooper  (804) 698-4018
Finance & Mission Support  Marybeth Glaser  (804) 698-4233


Central Office Petroleum Tank Program Staff

 Name Contact Name/EMail Phone number
 Storage Tank Cleanups  James Barnett  (804) 698-4289
 Reimbursements - Processing  Customer Service Line  (804) 698-4358
 Reimbursements - Processing  Marybeth Glaser  (804) 698-4233
 Storage Tank Technical Manual  James Barnett  (804) 698-4289
 UST Technical Information  Russ Ellison  (804) 698-4269
 UST Compliance Training  Alicia Meadows  (540) 562-6729
 Carbon Filtration Unit Program  Karen Haley  (804) 698-4275
 Alternate Water Supply  Chad Quesenberry  (276) 676-4873
 Tank Vessels & Liquid Pipelines  John Giese  (804) 698-4287
 Ability to Pay Program  Leslie Beckwith  (804) 698-4123
 AST & UST Financial Responsibility  Josiah Bennett  (804) 698-4205
 AST & UST Financial Responsibility  Suzanne D. Taylor  (804) 698-4146
 AST & UST Financial Responsibility  Leslie Beckwith  (804) 698-4123
 UST & AST Registration  Amy Harshman  (804) 698-4313
 GIS/Data Projects Manager  Marilynn Alfaro  (804) 698-4397
 Program Assessment Specialist  Karen Haley  (804) 698-4275
 AST Program Coordinator  Jennifer Lacroix  (757) 518-2026


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