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View New UST Requirements Webinar

The New UST Requirements Webinar recorded in September 2019 is available for viewing. Follow the link and complete the fields to view the webinar. New UST Requirements Webinar

New Risk Based Inspection Strategy Guidance Document

This guidance explains the Risk Based Inspection Strategy for Underground Storage Tanks. This strategy is intended to evaluated alternative targeting methods for establishing annual inspection schedules for UST facilities. LPR-SRR-2018-2A 

UST New Regulation Training Opportunities 

A live webinar and classroom training will be available this fall. Each training session will be three hours long and will review the new underground storage tank requirements that became effective in 2018 and the requirements that will become effective in 2021. Training will include topics such as spill, overfill, and sump testing requirements, walk-through inspections, release detection for emergency generator tanks, release detection equipment testing, and requirements for equipment repairs. More information is available on the UST New Regulation Training Opportunities page.

2019 Reimbursement Guidance and Forms

Guidance documents, forms, and calculation tools for work authorized on or after August 1, 2019 are available on the Guidance & Regulation page. Volume VI of the Reimbursement Guidance explains eligibility, claim restrictions, and requirements, and contains all the forms necessary to complete a claim and obtain authorization for corrective action. Volume VII contains the UCRs.

New Mailing Lists

The DEQ Tanks Program has created new mailing lists based on our three program areas: Tank Facility Compliance, Cleanups, and Reimbursement. Follow the link to the signup form to receive updates and helpful information based on your interests.

Fillable Environmental Pollution Report

DEQ has prepared a fillable environmental pollution report (EPR) for use in reporting releases to regional offices. Instructions for completing the report are provided as comments and tooltips within the form. Once complete, email your complete EPR with any attachments to your DEQ regional office. A map of DEQ regional offices and their service areas is available on the Locations page. Contact with any questions or technical problems.

Download the EPR here and on our Files and Forms page.

Read about the amended federal UST Regulation here:

The revised DEQ Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) regulation 9VAC25-91 became effective on November 1, 2015. The revised regulations incorporate new performance standards for certain aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) located in the City of Fairfax as mandated by actions taken by the 2011 General Assembly (CH 884). In addition to these changes, the revised regulation aligns Virginia’s regulatory requirements with federal requirements and current industry standards, clarifies applicability of the regulations, and eliminates AST registration fees. The pollution prevention requirement section of the regulation (Section 130) has also been re-organized to make the regulations easier to understand.

A summary table of the changes for 9VAC25-91.

See the revised regulation at: 

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) created this webpage to provide access to the technical reports and technical correspondence relative to the petroleum release at the Meadows of Dan Food Market.

DEQ has created the Potomac River Generating Station web page to provide access to the technical reports and technical correspondence for the petroleum release from two 25,000 gallon underground heating oil storage tanks at the Potomac River Generating Station (PRGS) in the City of Alexandria. DEQ staff will typically post reports or technical correspondence on this webpage within 30 days of receipt, after staff has reviewed the information and confirmed that it is complete.

The Great Falls subdivision webpage was created to provide access to the technical reports and technical correspondence for the petroleum release at the former Exxon Service Station at 9901 Georgetown Pike in Great Falls, Virginia (the “site”). DEQ staff will typically post reports or technical correspondence on this webpage within 30 days of receipt, after staff has reviewed the information and confirmed that it is complete.

The NEWs page for the Petroleum Program provides links and information regarding the newest features about the Petroleum Program and how that might impact you.  Also, there is an Interactive Mapping application which provides graphical information for release sites.  This application displays cross-media geographical features including petroleum release sites, solid waste facilities, 303D impaired waters, water quality monitoring stations and more. Also, there are LINKS for related information outside the Petroleum Program that may be beneficial to the visitor.

The Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Program provides various customer services to the Virginia community. The staff for the Petroleum Program is located at the DEQ Central Office and the regional offices around the state.

The Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) and Underground Storage Tank (UST) Compliance Inspections Programs: DEQ Central Office staff develop regulations and coordinate the statewide effort to maintain compliance with the AST/UST requirements. The staff of the six statewide regional offices conducts AST/UST compliance inspections of regulated tanks in a cooperative effort with the regulated community to protect human health and the environment.

Leaks and/or spills of petroleum and/or regulated substances into the environment must be reported to DEQ. After a release is reported, DEQ staff will work with the tank owner/operator to characterize and clean up the release. There is a Search engine located at the top of all the Petroleum Program webpages to aid in finding information about the program.

Contact Information

The information below is for accessing the Central Office for the Petroleum Program. Specific programs and contact information for Petroleum Programs can be found on the Regional and Central Office Contacts page.

P.O. Box 1105
Richmond, VA 23218
804.698.4010 (Phone)
804.698.4266 (Fax)

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