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Meadows of Dan - PC20142256

Meadows of Dan Food Mkt. 

Meadows of Dan Food Market - Aerial View


DEQ created this webpage to provide access to the technical reports and technical correspondence relative to the petroleum release at the Meadows of Dan Food Market at 2609 Jeb Stuart Highway, Meadows of Dan, Virginia (the "Site"). Staff will typically post reports or correspondence after it has been reviewed and confirmed to be complete.

Links to Documents

Electronic links to reports or technical correspondence received by DEQ staff will typically be available from this webpage within 30 days of receipt.  Reports and DEQ regulatory correspondence can be found by clicking “Links to Documents”.

Latest Site Status (2017)

Greene Environmental submitted a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to DEQ for approval on June 30, 2015. The system was transported to the site and installed in February 2016 and has operated at the site since then. From February 2016 to December 2016, approximately 45,667 pounds of gasoline range contamination have been recovered over 7,268 hours of system operation. In March 2017, a new supply well was drilled, but completion of the well was unsuccessful. Efforts are underway (as of August 2017) to locate and install a new supply well. From 2015 to 2017, ongoing public water supply monitoring, system operation and maintenance, and groundwater monitoring and sampling have been conducted.

Case History

A release of gasoline from an underground petroleum storage tank system at the Meadows of Dan Food Market was reported to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on December 30, 2013.  The leaking petroleum storage tank was removed as were heavily contaminated soils. 

Meadows of Dan Food Mkt-Street view

Businesses and residences of Meadows of Dan utilize groundwater wells or springs for water supplies.  Water supplies within a ¼ mile radius of the gasoline release have been sampled and tested for petroleum contamination.  Letters are being sent to the owners of these water supplies informing them of test results. 

Four water supplies were identified as having been contaminated with gasoline additive Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE).  These contaminated water supplies were fitted with carbon filtration units (CFUs) to remove the contamination and ensure potable water.  Other water supply wells or springs identified as potentially at risk of becoming contaminated will be sampled and tested semi-annually.

Multiple monitoring wells have been installed to characterize the extent of the petroleum contamination in groundwater.  Significant free-phase gasoline and dissolved-phase gasoline contamination was identified beneath the Meadows of Dan Food Market property.  Periodic free phase gasoline recovery events have been conducted. 

Meetings have been held with the local Patrick County government, local and state Health Departments, impacted community stakeholders and the responsible party (RP) to explore options for establishing permanent, clean water supplies. 

On May 28, 2015, the tank owner/responsible party organized a site meeting for a preliminary review of actions undertaken towards establishing permanent water supply replacement for impacted or at risk facilities. DEQ petroleum remediation staff attended the meeting along with an area business owner, local government officials and Virginia Department of Health staff. Options and obstacles were discussed for establishing individual alternate water supplies or a combined community water supply system.  


For further information, please email the DEQ Case manager, Jonathan Newbill, at or write to:

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Blue Ridge Regional Office, 3019 Peters Creek Road NW, Roanoke, Virginia 24019.
Please include the pollution complaint number, PC2014-2256, in all correspondence. 

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