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Crozier Waterworks Project - PC20154105


DEQ created this page to provide information relevant to the community waterworks project associated with the petroleum release at 1489 Old Oak Lane in Crozier, Virginia (the “site”). DEQ staff will typically post information on this webpage as the project progresses. 

Alternate Water Supply Overview

Leaking petroleum tanks may result in drinking water well contamination from petroleum constituents or fuel additives.  In these instances, DEQ’s Petroleum Storage Tank Program may provide an alternate water supply (AWS) such as bottled water, Carbon Filtration Units (CFU), water tanks, replacement well, or connection to public water supplies.  Providing an AWS is considered to be a temporary solution and is provided by DEQ until either the petroleum contaminant concentrations drop below the risk management levels or until a permanent source of clean drinking water is provided.

Case History

The Old Oaks Lane community is located in close proximity to the intersection of Cardwell Road and Route 6 in Goochland County, Virginia. In 2014, a homeowner in the Old Oaks subdivision reported gasoline in their drinking water. DEQ sampled the remaining drinking wells in the neighborhood and surrounding area (16 wells in total). Seven drinking wells in the Old Oaks neighborhood tested positive for gasoline constituents. DEQ outfitted the impacted drinking wells with CFUs in October 2014 and continues to maintain these CFUs. An additional impacted domestic well was identified in January 2015 and was subsequently equipped with a CFU. In total, VDEQ has equipped eight domestic wells with CFUs as a temporary abatement measure. 

Due to the level of contaminants being detected in many of these wells and in consideration of the ongoing cost to service and maintaining eight CFUs, DEQ has concluded that providing public water access via a upgrade and expansion of the Aqua Virginia Crozier Waterworks to all residences in the Old Oaks subdivision and other select “at risk” properties is an appropriate action to ensure a reliable safe drinking water source for the community. 

DEQ is exploring options for an expansion of the existing Crozier Waterworks with Goochland County and Aqua Virginia.  To that end, DEQ, Goochland County, and Aqua Virginia sponsored a Public Availability meeting on June 13, 2017 in the Town of Goochland. Goochland County issued a purchase order to Timmons Group for engineering and design services on November 21, 2017. Surveying and assessment should begin soon and continue for the next several months.  

One of the outcomes from that meeting was the establishment of this webpage, which is populated with pertinent documents regarding the project and will periodically be updated as the project progresses.

Any questions, comments, thoughts, or opinions should be directed to Zach Pauley at (804) 698-4222 or 

Project Timeline as of January 2020

Dates are subject to change; please check back regularly for updates.

  • August 1, 2017: Goochland County Board of Supervisors authorized the County Administrator to execute a Memorandum of Understanding with Aqua Virginia and to sign a proposal to DEQ.
  • August 24, 2017: Engineering solicitation for project design is completed. Timmons Group won the bid with a project cost of $137,130.
  • September 5, 2017: Formal engineering award was presented during the Board of Supervisors meeting.
    • Funding from DEQ is required before Goochland County can award a contract.
  • September 28, 2017: The preliminary engineering conference required by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) on all waterworks projects was held. VDH expressed no issues with the project.
  • November 21, 2017: Beginning of engineering work. Engineering and survey activities began and continued for several months.
  • August 2018: Engineering design submitted for review. 
  • December 2018: Construction bid and award.
  • October 2019: Apex Companies, LLC visited properties to confirm the locations of the existing well, the path of the well and service line, and the proposed route from the meter to the property.
  • November 2019: End of waterline construction, begin service line trenching and installation to individual properties
  • December 2019: End of trenching and installation to individual properties and potable well abandonment. Completion of final construction before VDH inspection.
  • January 2020: VDH Final Inspection, permit to be issued.
  • February 2020: Aqua Virginia waterline flushing and water meter setting, followed by final connection to properties. Aqua Virginia will be contacting residents to set up billing and accounts.


Site documents and technical reports related to this release are available on the Crozier Documents page.

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