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Possum Point CCR Surface Impoundments

The Possum Point Power Station is located near the Town of Dumfries in Prince William County, Virginia. The station is accessed by Possum Point Road (Route 633) and is adjacent to the Potomac River and Quantico Creek.  The station has five coal combustion residuals (CCR) surface impoundments that managed sluiced or wet CCR from the station as part of the wastewater treatment system.  The impoundments at this facility (also known as coal ash ponds) are subject to the EPA CCR Rule and the requirements of 2019 Acts of Assembly Ch. 650-651, effective July 1, 2019.

Dominion submitted a Surface Water Monitoring Plan and revised Groundwater Monitoring and Closure Plans on August 12, 2019, as required by the solid waste permit issued June 13, 2019 (linked below).  The Department will review these documents for administrative completeness and technical adequacy in accordance with the applicable solid waste regulations and modify the permit accordingly by incorporating the final documents into the permit.  The submittals are below:

Surface Water Monitoring Plan
Groundwater Monitoring Plan (revised)
Groundwater Monitoring Plan Tables & Drawings (revised)
Groundwater Monitoring Plan Appendices (revised)
Closure Plan (revised)

Below are documents related to the solid waste permit issued to address closure of four of the  CCR surface impoundments (Ponds A, B, C, and E) as well as groundwater monitoring and surface water monitoring for all five coal ash ponds.  The Pond D closure will be subject to a future permitting action.

Final Permit issued
Closure Plan with Attachments
Groundwater Monitoring Plan
Groundwater Monitoring Plan Attachment-Tables and Drawings
Groundwater Monitoring Plan Attachment-Boring Logs
Groundwater Monitoring Plan Attachment-Groundwater Monitoring Well Specifications and Well Guidance

Below is the final issued VPDES permit that address the dewatering of the coal ash ponds to complete closure and the accompanying permitting fact sheet:

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