Coal Ash Solid Waste Permit Actions

After the water has been removed, the safe closure of coal ash ponds will occur under a permit issued in accordance with the Virginia’s Solid Waste Management Regulations.  The Virginia Solid Waste Management Regulations have adopted and incorporated provisions of the EPA Rule and require:

  • Review and approval of closure and installation of cap 
  • Groundwater monitoring 
  • Surface water monitoring 
  • Cost estimates and financial assurance 
  • Post-closure plan and cap maintenance 
  • Public participation process 

Public Notices

Permitting Documents

These documents are submittals received by DEQ and review letters issued in response to submittals related to pond closures at Bremo Bluff, Chesterfield and Possum Point power stations. It is important to note that these review and application documents are not final permitting documents and are not draft permit documents. As draft permits are developed, they will be posted above in the Public Notices section above. As new review documents become available, they will be posted on specific facility pages: Bremo BluffChesapeake, Chesterfield and Possum Point .

Public Participation Process

The Public Participation Process for the permitting related to these ponds will have different opportunities for public involvement

  • Public Notice-Once a draft permit has been prepared, a public notice will be published. This public notice will be available in the newspaper covering the area of the facility and made available through other avenues including on this page below. The public notice will announce the availability of the draft permit, the date and time of public participation opportunities including informational sessions and the public hearing, and the procedures and deadline for submitting comments.
  • Public Comment Period-The public comment period identified in the public notice is the opportunity to provide specific comments about the pending permit actions for DEQ to consider prior to any final permitting decision. Comments can be submitted in writing in accordance with the public notice or verbally at the public hearing described below. A Guide to Effective Public Comments provides more information about commenting.
  • Informational Session-After a draft permit is completed, an informational session will be scheduled. This session will provide the opportunity for individuals to learn more about the specific permit and public participation process and ask questions.
  • Informational Briefing-Before the public hearing begins, an informational briefing will take place. This briefing will provide an overview of the permit and the public participation process. DEQ staff will also be available to answer questions prior to the public hearing.
  • Public Hearing-A public hearing will be scheduled in the locality where the facility is located. The public hearing is the formal process to provide verbal comments on the pending permit. It is important to note that during the public hearing, DEQ staff cannot answer questions about the permit; the hearing is solely for the receipt of comments. Those who have questions should attend the informational session or briefing or separately submit their questions to DEQ staff contact person in the public notice.

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