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19-096F 23 Market Street Renovation USDA 9/6/19 10/7/19 John Fisher
19-095F Derby Run Apartments HUD 9/6/19 10/4/19 John Fisher
19-094F Long Bridge Project USDOT/Federal Railway Administration 9/6/19 10/4/19 John Fisher
19-093F Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Expansion Project ACOE 9/20/19 11/8/19 Janine Howard
19-092F Fisheries of the NE U.S. Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Fisheries, Framework Adjustment 14 NOAA Fisheries 8/28/19 9/9/19 Julia Wellman
19-091F Capital One Data Center-Meadowville Technology Park ACOE 9/9/19 11/6/19 Janine Howard
19-090S US-4 Solar Project, PUR-2019-00105 SCC 9/11/19 10/11/19 Janine Howard
19-089S Additional Parking Study GMU 9/9/19 10/3/19 Julia Wellman
19-088S Chessie Nature Trail Pedestrian Bridge VMI 8/30/19 9/27/19 John Fisher
19-087F Dan River Coal Ash Spill Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration FWS 8/16/19 9/9/19 Janine Howard
19-086F Aspire at East Beach HUD 8/29/19 9/27/19 Julia Wellman
19-085S Foxhound Solar Collection Facilities SCC 8/29/19 9/27/19 John Fisher
19-084F Omnibus Deep-Sea Coral Amendment NOAA Fisherie 8/26/19 9/26/19 Julia Wellman
19-083F River Renew NPS 8/23/19 9/20/19 Julia Wellman
19-082S Moorefield Commons Property: Vehicle Repair Garage and Parking Lot Expansion DGS 8/30/19 9/27/19 Janine Howard
19-081F Rural Homeowner Rehabilitation Program, Eastern Shore of Virginia Housing Alliance HUD 8/15/19 8/30/19 John Fisher
19-080F Habitat Clam Dredge Exemption Frameword NOAA Fisheries 8/27/19 9/26/19 John Fisher
19-079S Property Acquisition: Studley Road and Times Dispatch Boulevard DGS 8/27/19 9/24/19 Janine Howard
19-078F GWMP MVT: George Washington Memorial Parkway, Replacement of Mount Vernon Trail Bridge #12 FHWA and NPS 8/29/19 9/20/19 Julia Wellman
19-077S Virginia Tech Student Wellness Services, War Mamorial Hall Virginia Tech 8/27/19 9/26/19 John Fisher
19-076F Spotsy Apartments, 137 Spotsylvania Mall Drive HUD 8/23/19 9/13/19 Julia Wellman
19-075S High Bridge State Park Trail Center DCR 8/13/19 9/12/19 John Fisher
19-074F Wolf trap Alternate Oen Water Placement Site Northern Extension (WTAPSNE) ACOE 8/23/19 9/17/19 Janine Howard
19-073S Thomas Nelson Community College Hampton Campus-Replace Diggs/Moore/Harrison Building Complex VCCS 8/23/19 9/20/19 Janine Howard
19-072F Nestle Purina Mining Expansion ACOE 8/16/19 9/13/19 John Fisher
19-071F Pine Forest Apartments Renovation HUD 8/14/19 9/13/19 John Fisher
19-070F Moore's Lake Phase II HUD 8/13/19 9/5/19 Julia Wellman
19-069F Proposed Rule to Modify Pelagic Longline Area-Based and Weak Hook Management Measures NOAA 8/15/19 9/12/19 Julia Wellman
19-068F Range Expansion of Small Arms Testing and Evaluation Compound-JEB Little Creek-Fort Story Navy 8/13/19 9/10/19 Janine Howard
19-066F Highland Springs High School ACOE 8/9/19 10/8/19 Janine Howard
19-065F Chickey Dredging Project ACOE 8/9/19 9/30/19 Janine Howard
18-165F Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate FERC 8/9/19 9/16/19 Julia Wellman
19-063F Project Peanut (aka the American Tobacco Site) ACOE 7/26/19 9/16/19 Julia Wellman
19-062F Lambert's Point Docks- Pier N Dredging ACOE 7/19/19 9/10/19 Janine Howard
19-042F Norfolk International Airport Land Acquisition and Structure Demolition FAA 06/05/19 07/29/19 Janine Howard
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