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20-041S Mountain Empire Community College VCCS 5/1/20 5/29/20 Janine Howard
20-040S Radford University Property Acquisitions Radford U.  4/27/20 5/27/20 Janine Howard
20-039F Terminal Apron Rehabilitation at the Richmond Executive-Chesterfield County Airport FAA 4/21/20 6/19/20 Janine Howard
20-038F James River Conservation Area Public Improvements ACOE 4/2/20 5/29/20 John Fisher
20-037F Proposed Obici Apartments HUD 4/2/20 5/1/20 John Fisher
20-036F Health and Wellness Facility, George Bush Center for Intelligence CIA 4/6/20 5/4/20 Julia Wellman
20-035F Quantico National Cemetery DVA 3/20/20 4/4/20 John Fisher
20-034F DGIF acoustic monitoring units on U.S. Coast Guard Lighted Buoys USCG 4/9/20 6/3/20 Janine Howard
20-033S Replace Central State Hospital DGS 4/3/20 5/1/20 Julia Wellman
20-032S VT Plantation Road Area VPI&SU 3/27/30 4/24/20 John Fisher
20-031F Richmond International Aiport Taxiway U South Rehabilitation FAA 3/24/20 5/22/20 John Fisher
20-030F 1112 First St, Alexandria, VA HUD 3/26/20 4/23/20 Julia Wellman
20-029S Compton Drive WalkwayWM WMU 3/20/20 4/20/20 Julia Wellman
20-028F Demolition Training Center Upgrade Navy 3/19/20 4/16/20 John Fisher
20-027F Hydrographic Survey of the Chesapeake Bay NOAA 3/13/20 4/13/20

Julia Wellman

20-026S Glade Road - Broiler and Turkey Research Center VT 3/13/20 4/13/20 John Fisher
20-025F Cecelia House Apartment complex USDA 3/16/20 4/13/20

Julia Wellman

20-023S East Campus Power Plant Renovation JMU 3/12/20 4/3/20 Julia Wellman
20-022F Summerfield Senior Apartments Phase I HUD 3/11/20 4/10/20 John Fisher
20-021F Norfolk Airport Fuel Tank Installation FAA 3/2/20 4/29/20 John Fisher
20-020F Gambo Creek  Bridge Replacement Navy 3/6/20 4/3/20 John Fisher
20-019S Chesterfield-Tyler 230 kV transmission lines #205 and #2003 partial rebuild project SCC 3/10/20 4/9/20 John Fisher
20-018F Joint Base Langley Eustis- Eustis shoreline stabilization Air Force 3/5/20 4/3/20 John Fisher
20-017S EJC Arboretum Children's Garden Project JMU 3/5/20 4/3/20 John Fisher
20-010F Five Year Development - Middle Peninsula Reg. Airport FAA 2/7/20 4/7/20 John Fisher
20-008F Richmond International Airport Former Park and Ride Facility Redevelopment FAA 2/7/20 4/8/20 John Fisher
19-150S New Parking Lot - NOVA Community College - Manassas VCCS 1/10/20 5/29/20 Julia Wellman
19-089S Additional Parking Study GMU 09/09/19 On Hold Julia Wellman
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