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18-173F Construction & Operation of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project BOEM 01/11/19 03/11/19 John Fisher
18-172F Aquaculture Center VIMS 01/04/19 02/01/19 John Fisher
18-171F Wallops Flight Facility Shoreline Restoration and Infrastructure Protection Project NASA 01/04/19 02/04/19 Janine Howard
18-170F Proposed Rule, Uniform National Discharge Standards for Vessels of the Armed Forces, Phase II, Batch II


12/28/18 01/28/19 Julia Wellman
18-169S York River State Park Living Shoreline Stabilization Project VDOT 01/13/19 01/28/19 Julia Wellman
18-168F Copeland Substation ACOE 12/28/18 02/29/19 John Fisher
18-167F Norfolk Southern Railway Co. Lambert's Point Dock Pier 6 Off-Shore Bulkhead Project ACOE 01/11/19 02/26/19 Janine Howard
18-166S Creatively & Innovation District Living Learning Center VPI & SU 12/26/18 01/24/19 Julia Wellman
18-164F Norfolk International Terminals Central Rail Yard-Capacity Expansion and Access Improvements VPA 12/26/18 01/07/19 Janine Howard
18-163F Municipal Hydroelectric Project FERC 12/10/18 12/21/18 John Fisher

Fork Union Substation and Related Cut-In Project, PUR-2018-00159

SCC 12/21/18 01/24/19 Julia Wellman
18-161S Blue Ridge Community College Life Safety Improvements to A, B, C, D, E, F and J Buildings VCCS 12/07/18 01/04/18 Janine Howard
18-160F 3440 Smaw Drive Rehabilitation HUD Internal Review 12/27/18 John Fisher
18-159F 14583 Shields Bridge Road Rehabilitation HUD Internal Review 12/27/18 John Fisher
18-158F False Cape State Park Ranger Residences & Pier/Bulkhead Improvements DCR 11/30/18 12/21/18 Janine Howard
18-152F Proposed Aero Apartments  HUD 11/09/18 12/07/18 Julia Wellman
18-142F Stafford Hospital Apartments HUD 10/29/18 11/26/18 Julia Wellman
18-139F Ohio Creek Watershed Project HUD 10/26/18 11/20/18 Janine Howard
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