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18-153F Tidewater & Brambleton Apartments HUD 11/05/18 12/06/18 Julia Wellman
18-152F Proposed Aero Apartments HUD 11/09/18 12/07/18 Julia Wellman
18-151F Rural Homeowner Rehabilitation Program HUD Not Coordinated 12/12/18 Julia Wellman
18-150S Jackson Hall Renovation  JMU 11/13/18 12/13/18 John Fisher
18-149S Stieffen Property Acquisition DCR 11/08/18 12/07/18 John Fisher
18-148S Academic Student Commons VSU 11/09/18 12/07/18 Janine Howard
18-147F Amendment 31 to the Fishery Management Plan NOAA/NMFS 10/30/18 11/29/18 Julia Wellman
18-146S Turf Field Renovation CNU 10/31/18 11/30/18 John Fisher

Virginia Railway Express-Broad Run Expansion

FTA 11/02/18 11/30/18 Janine Howard

Westmoreland State Park Living Shoreline Stabilization Project

VDOT 10/24/18 11/20/18 John Fisher

Fleets Branch Stream Restoration

VSU 10/26/18 11/26/18 John Fisher
18-142F Stafford Hospital Apartments HUD 10/29/18 11/26/18 Julia Wellman
18-141F Line VM 107 Recoat Project FERC 10/26/18 12/21/18 Janine Howard
18-140S Hampton Roads Operations Facility at Northgate Industrial Park VDOT 10/25/18 11/21/18 Julia Wellman
18-139F Ohio Creek Watershed Project HUD 10/12/18 11/05/18 Janine Howard
18-138F Sand Survey Activities for BOEM's Marine Minerals Program BOEM 10/24/18 11/19/18 John Fisher
18-137F Accomack County Airport (MFV) Runway 21 Turnaround FAA 10/22/18 12/19/18 Janine Howard
18-136S 702-704 Property Acquisition  Radford University 10/21/18 11/16/18 Julia Wellman
18-134S Fudge Hollow-Low Moor Line #112 and East Mill-Low Moor Line #161 138kV Transmission Line Partial Rebuild, PUR 2018-00139 SCC 10/09/18 11/08/18 John Fisher
18-133S Ivy Mountain Sewer UVA 10/05/18 11/05/18 Julia Wellman
18-132S Widewater State Park Continuation of Phase IA DCR 10/05/18 11/02/18 Julia Wellman
18-131S Reveley Garden Phases I and II William & Mary 10/05/18 11/05/18 John Fisher
18-130S Seacobeck Hall Renovations  UMW 10/05/18 11/05/18 Janine Howard
18-129S Belle Isle State Park Living Shoreline Stabilization Project VDOT 10/05/18 10/30/18 Janine Howard
18-127S Storm Truck Line Extension (Phases 3 & 4) VSU 10/01/18 10/29/18 Julia Wellman
18-126S Warrenton Area Office VSP 10/03/18 11/02/18 John Fisher
18-125S Service Corridor/Storage Addition/Generator Replacement SVHEC 09/28/18 10/29/18 John Fisher
18-124S Comfort Station Renovations at Pocahontas State Park DCR 09/28/18 10/26/18 Janine Howard
18-114F Line VM-113 Falling Creek Exposure Repair Project FERC 09/07/18 11/01/18 Janine Howard
18-112F Salt Ponds Infrastructure Improvements, City of Hampton ACOE 09/04/18 10/26/18 John Fisher
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