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20-099F ATF Line VA MPID203707 Emergency Dig FERC 7/24/20 9/23/20 John Fisher
20-098F DC to Richmond Southeast High Speed Rail Project FRA 7/27/20 8/21/20 Janine Howard
20-097F Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC - VM 107 Miter Bend Replacement Project FERC 7/27/20 9/18/20 Julia Wellman
20-096F Village at Westlake Phase II HUD 7/17/20 8/17/20 John Fisher
20-095S Southwest AHQ Land Acquisition VDOT 7/21/20 8/17/20 Janine Howard
20-094F Arlington View Terrace East HUD 7/20/20 8/17/20 Janine Howard
20-093F Lofts at Westhavn HUD 7/20/20 8/13/20 Julia Wellman
20-092F Edgewater Haven Channel Extension ACOE 7/20/20 9/8/20 Julia Wellman
20-091F Skiffes Creek Connector Project FHWA 7/15/20 8/10/20 John Fisher
20-090F Coliseum Drive Extension Phase B ACOE 7/10/20 8/10/20 John Fisher
20-089S Kentucky Utilities Co./Transmission Pole Replacement SCC 7/10/20 8/10/20 John Fisher
20-088F Localizer Replacement Project at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport FAA 7/10/20 8/10/20 Janine Howard
20-087F 400 Waterside Drive HUD 7/8/20 8/7/20 John Fisher
20-086F Spotsylvania Lingston Landfill Phase II Expansion ACOE 7/6/20 8/3/20 Julia Wellman
20-085S Stone Hall Utility Extension UVA 7/6/20 8/3/20 Janine Howard
20-084F Project Echo Site 7 Corps 7/6/20 8/28/20 Janine Howard
20-083S Bristers-Ladysmith 500 kV Rebuild SCC 7/2/20 8/28/20 Julia Wellman
20-082S Richard Bland College - Centers for Innovation and Education Development W&M 6/30/20 7/31/20 Janine Howard
20-081F Fort Belvoir Data Center Army 6/26/20 7/24/20 Julia Wellman
20-079F Chesapeake Airport Maintenance Building FAA 6/24/20 8/19/20 Janine Howard
20-078S Virginia Tech Data and Decision Sciences Academic Building Virginia Tech 6/19/20 7/20/20 John Fisher
20-077F Taxiway Construction and Non-Aeronautical Development at the Tappahannock-Essex County Airport FAA 6/15/20 8/12/20 John Fisher
20-076F Habersham Area Improvements FAA 6/15/20  8/11/20 Janine Howard
20-075F Baldwin Site ACOE 6/10/20 8/7/20 John Fisher
20-073F Bryan's Cove ACOE 6/12/20 8/5/20 Julia Wellman
20-071F Columbia Gas Midlothian POD FERC 6/5/20 8/3/20 Janine Howard
20-069F Schilling Point ACOE 6/1/20 7/29/20 Julia Wellman
19-150S New Parking Lot - NOVA Community College - Manassas VCCS 1/10/20 On Hold Julia Wellman
19-089S Additional Parking Study GMU 09/09/19 On Hold Julia Wellman
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