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19-143S Phase II Expansion of the Virginia Cemetery at Amelia near Amelia Courthouse DVS 12/20/19 1/10/20 Julia Wellman
19-142S Advanced Technical Training Center-Piedmont Virginia Community College VCCS 12/13/19 1/13/20 John Fisher
19-141F Project Tiger at Airpark ACOE 12/20/19 2/14/20 Julia Wellman
19-140F Fort Belvoir Caisson Platoon Facility Sub-Area Master Plan/Area Development Plan Army 12/4/19 12/20/19 Julia Wellman
19-139F Anchorage Grounds-Lower Chesapeake Bay-Cape Charles DHS/USCG 12/6/19 1/3/20 John Fisher
19-138S Chesapeake Health Department Addition DGS 12/6/19 1/3/20 John Fisher
19-137S Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia Crossing Gallery  FCM of Virginia 11/27/19 12/30/19 John Fisher
19-136S Renovation of Virginia Hall Dormitory UMW 12/2/19 12/27/19 Julia Wellman
19-135F Route 639 Ladysmith Road Widening ACOE 11/27/19 01/21/20 Julia Wellman
19-134S Commercial Driver's License Testing Center DMV 11/26/19 12/27/19 Julia Wellman
19-133F Southeastern Trail Project FERC 12/02/19 01/27/20 John Fisher


Lackey Parking Lot VMI 11/22/19 12/20/19 John Fisher
19-131F Subsequent License Renewal for Surry Power Station Units 1 and 2 NRC 11/15/19 12/13/19 Janine Howard
19-129F Northlake 95 Business Center Project Corps 11/13/19 01/10/20 Julia Wellman
19-127S ABC Central Office and Distribution Center ABC 11/08/19 12/06/19 John Fisher
19-126S New Retail Construction ODU 11/07/19 12/06/19 John Fisher
19-124F North Anna Power Station Units 1 and 2 Subsequent License Renewals NRC 11/04/19 03/30/20 John Fisher
19-122F George Washington Memorial Parkway-Replacement of Mount Vernon Trail Bridges 23 and 24 FHWA 11/01/19 11/26/19 John Fisher
19-120S Douthat State Park Lakeside Campground Renovation DCR 11/01/19 11/25/19 Julia Wellman
19-117S Bridgewater Airport Runway Extension DoAv 10/29/19 12/13/19 John Fisher
19-108F VNG- Norfolk MS-831010 Rebuild Project FERC 10/10/19 11/27/19 Julia Wellman
19-089S Additional Parking Study GMU 09/09/19 On Hold Julia Wellman
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