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19-062F Lambert's Point Docks- Pier N Dredging ACOE 7/19/19 9/10/19 Janine Howard
19-061F Northgate 84 Fulfillment Center ACOE 7/9/19 8/8/19 John Fisher
19-060F U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial Comfort Station NPS 7/12/19 8/9/19 Janine Howard
19-059F Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth Navy 7/9/19 8/8/19 Julia Wellman
19-058F Middle Peninsula Regional Airport Transient Apron Construction FAA 7/10/19 9/4/19 Janine Howard
19-057F Expansion of Existing Parking Lot Garage 2 Infill and Construction of New Surface Parking Lot at Westfield Headquarters DOD 7/5/19 8/5/19 Janine Howard
19-056F Draft Supplemental Watershed Plan No. 2 and Environmental Assessment for the Rehabilitation of Floodwater Retarding Structure No. 1 (Mc-Daniel's Lake at the John's Creek Watershed) USDA/ NRCS 6/28/19 7/12/19 John Fisher
19-055S Suffolk- Swamp 230 kV Transmission Line #247 Virginia Rebuild Project PWR-2019-00078 SCC 6/28/19 7/29/19 Julia Wellman
19-054F Repair/Replace Sewage Treatment Plant at U.S. Coast Guard SFO Eastern Shore Chincoteague  DHS/USCG 6/27/19 7/26/19 John Fisher
19-053S Gloucester State Park Timberneck Unit (Gateway to Werowocomoco) DCR 6/20/19 7/19/19 John Fisher
19-052F Line VM-128 Elbow Replacements Project, Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC FERC 6/18/19 11/15/19 John Fisher
19-051S VTF Hampton AREC Seafood Lab Virginia Tech 6/14/19 7/12/19 Julia Wellman
19-050F Hydrographic Survey of the Chesapeake Bay NOAA 06/14/19 07/15/19 Janine Howard
19-049S Application of Skipjack Solar Center, PUR-2019-00073 SCC 06/14/19 07/15/19 Julia Wellman
19-048S Clinch River State Park Property Acquisition DCR 06/13/19 07/03/19 Julia Wellman
19-047S Continuing Authorities Program, Section 204, Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material, Cedar Island, Virginia ACOE 06/04/19 06/18/19 Janine Howard
19-046S Farmville AHQ Equipment Repair Shop VDOT 06/06/19 07/05/19 John Fisher
19-045S Lake Matoaka Dam Improvements William & Mary 06/05/19 06/27/19 Julia Wellman
19-044S Athletics Precinct Redevelopment UVA 06/04/19 07/01/19 Janine Howard
19-043S Northwest Parking Lot Construction Blue Ridge Community Center VCCS 05/30/19 06/28/19 John Fisher
19-042F Norfolk International Airport Land Acquisition and Structure Demolition FAA 06/05/19 07/29/19 Janine Howard
19-041S New Children's Hospital VCU 05/24/19 06/21/19 John Fisher
19-040S Pavement Rehabilitation and Lighting Improvements of Runway 5/23, Taxiway C, & Taxiway V at Norfolk International Airport FAA 05/29/19 07/22/19 Julia Wellman
19-039S Staunton River State Park Cabin Repair/Renovation DCR 05/21/19 06/17/19 Janine Howard
19-036F Richmond International Airport, Airport Surveillance Radar Relocation FAA 05/13/19 07/05/19 Julia Wellman
19-033S Mt. Storm Valley Line #550 500 kV Transmission Line Rebuild, PUR-2019-00049 SCC 05/09/19 06/07/19 Julia Wellman
19-032F Intake Channel Maintenance Dredging Surry Power Station ACOE 05/13/19 07/05/19 Julia Wellman
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