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19-038S Tazewell-Claypool Hill AHQ Equipment Repair Shop VDOT 05/14/19 06/13/19 John Fisher
19-037F Huner Woods Fellowship House HUD 05/10/19 06/07/19 Janine Howard
19-036F Richmond International Airport, Airport Surveillance Radar Relocation FAA 05/13/19 07/05/19 Julia Wellman
19-035F Bowers Hills Interchange Improvements Discovery FHWA/VDOT 05/06/19 05/19/19 Julia Wellman
19-034S Albert G. Horton, Jr. Veterans Cemetery Expansion Project Burial Sections 14, 18 and 19 DVS 04/30/19 06/07/19 John Fisher
19-033S Mt. Storm Valley Line #550 500 kV Transmission Line Rebuild, PUR-2019-00049 SCC 05/09/19 06/07/19 Julia Wellman
19-032F Intake Channel Maintenance Dredging Surry Power Station ACOE 05/13/19 07/05/19 Julia Wellman
19-031F Harry W. Nice/Thomas "MAC" Middleton Bridge Replacement Project ASDOT/FHWA 05/07/19 06/06/19 John Fisher
19-030F North Landing Bridge Replacement Feasibility Study ACOE 04/26/19 05/17/19 Janine Howard
19-029S Venture Out Building VPI & SU 05/03/19 05/31/19 Janine Howard
19-028F ABC Central Office and Distribution Center ABC 04/23/19 05/23/19 John Fisher
19-027F Rehabilitation of Floodwater Retarding Structure No. 2A (Roaring Fork Lake) of the Cherrystone Creek Watershed USDA/NRCS 04/03/19 04/15/19 Julia Wellman
19-026S Potomac Yards Undergrounding and Glebe GIS Conversion  Dominion PUR-2019-00040 Application No. 291 SCC 04/12/19 05/14/19 Janine Howard
19-025S Northern Virginia Community College, Loundon Campus, Reynolds Building Renovation VCCS 04/05/19 05/10/19 Janine Howard
19-024S Fine and Performing Arts Center William and Mary 04/11/19 05/10/19 John Fisher
19-023S Procedural Changes to the Coastal Zone Management Act Federal Consistency Process DOC/NOAA 04/15/19 04/25/19 John Fisher
19-022S New Juvenile Correctional Center DJJ 03/29/19 04/12/19 Julia Wellman
19-021F Route 7 Corridor Improvements ACOE 03/29/19 05/24/19 Janine Howard
19-019F Ashville Park Development and Drainage Improvement ACOE 03/28/19 05/24/19 John Fisher
19-016F Cosby Village Townhomes ACOE 03/18/19 05/17/19 Julia Wellman
19-014F Chickahominy Falls-Sections I,II, IV & Remaining Phase I ACOE 03/18/19 05/15/19 Julia Wellman
19-012F New Kent County Airport Security Fence FAA 03/15/19 05/15/19 Janine Howard
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