Current Projects

Project Number* Project Name Sponsoring Agency Comments Due to DEQ Due to Sponsor  Project Contact
18-103F South Corporate Hangar Development FAA 08/15/18 10/12/18 John Fisher
18-102F Mt. Herman Village Senior Apartments HUD 08/15/18 09/14/18 John Fisher
18-101S Center for Adaptive Innovation and Creativity Radford University 08/14/18 09/13/18 John Fisher
18-100S Landstown Thrasher Line #231 230kV Transmission Line Rebuild SCC 08/14/18 09/13/18 Julia Wellman
18-099F Regional Permits RP-01, RP-02, RP-11, RP-15, RP-18, RP-19 and RP-22 ACOE 08/03/18 08/31/18 John Fisher
18-098F I-95 Southbound Collector-Distributor Lanes Rappahannock River Crossing Project USDOT/FHWA 08/03/18 08/31/18 John Fisher
18-097F Amendment 20 to the Atlantic Mackerel, Squid, and Butterfish Fishery Management Plan NOAA/NMFS 08/03/18 08/31/18 Julia Wellman
18-096F Alpha Omega Farm, Inc. Dredging ACOE 08/10/18 10/05/18 Julia Wellman
18-095S Lanexa-Northern Neck Line #224 230kV Transmission Line Rebuild SCC 08/06/18 09/07/18 Janine Howard
18-094F VNG Suffolk Meter Station #3 Expansion Project, Columbia Gas Trasmission FERC 08/03/18 09/28/18 Julia Wellman
18-093S Abingdon Parole and Probation Office DOC 08/01/18 08/27/18 Janine Howard
18-092F Proposed Construction of a Perimeter Security Fence, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall DOD/U.S. Army 7/27/18 8/24/18 Julia Wellman
18-091S New Residential Facility Norfolk State University 7/27/18 8/23/18 Julia Wellman
18-090S Chesterfield-Lakeside Line #27 230 kV Transmission LIne Rebuild State Corporation Commission 7/20/18 8/17/18 Julia Wellman
18-089S Chetserfield- Hopewell Lines #211 and #228 230kV Transmission Line Partial Rebuild, Application No. 285 SCC 7/20/18 8/10/18 Janine Howard
18-088S Student Health and Wellness Center UVA 7/11/18 8/10/18 John Fisher
18-087S Phase 1A Cabin Construction at Pocahontas State Park DCR 7/13/18 8/10/18 Janine Howard
18-086F Falling Creek Reservoir Restoration Project ACOE 7/13/18 9/3/18 Janine Howard
18-085F McCoy Road Subdivision ACOE 6/29/18 8/28/18 Janine Howard
18-082F Knell Ridge Apartments HUD 6/27/18 7/27/18 John Fisher
18-080F Point at Harbour View HUD 6/22/18 7/23/18 John Fisher
18-079F Childress Subdivision ACOE 6/13/18 8/16/18 Janine Howard
18-077F  Waterford Water Park  ACOE  6/14/18  8/10/18  Julia Wellman 


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