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20-010F Five Year Development - Middle Peninsula Reg. Airport FAA 2/7/20 4/7/20 John Fisher
20-009F  Lockridge 230kV Line Loop & Lockridge Substation SCC 2/14/20 3/13/20 John Fisher
20-008F Richmond International Airport Former Park and Ride Facility Redevelopment FAA 2/7/20 4/8/20 John Fisher
20-007S Brandon Upper Class Housing Phase Two UVA 2/10/20 3/9/20 Julia Wellman
20-006F Hanger Development Projects FAA 1/29/20 3/27/20 John Fisher
20-005S Observatory Water Treatment Plant Improvements UVA 1/21/20 2/20/20 John Fisher
20-004S Gloucester State Park-Timberneck Pier & Boat Launch DCR 1/21/20 2/20/20 John Fisher
20-003F Proposed Hydrographic Surveys of SE Chesapeake Bay NOAA 2/3/20 3/28/20 Julia Wellman
20-002F Southeastern Apron Corporate Hanger FAA 2/3/20 3/25/30 Julia Wellman
20-001S Header Improvement Project SCC 2/3/20 2/18/20 Julia Wellman
19-157F Decommissioning and Dismantlement of the Deactivated SM-1 Nuclear Reactor Facility, US Army Garrison, Fort Belvoir ACOE 1/21/20 2/14/20 Julia Wellman
19-156F I-95 Express Lanes - Fredericksburg Extension ACOE 2/3/20 3/18/20 Julia Wellman
19-155S Project MAC VCU 1/21/20 2/13/20 Julia Wellman
19-154F QRU Radio Communication Link Receiver Site Demolition FAA 1/14/20 2/13/20 John Fisher
19-153F ORF Outer Marker Site Demolition FAA 1/14/20 2/13/20 John Fisher
19-152F Atlantic Mackerel, Squid & Butterfish FMP including Amendment 21 NOAA 1/10/20 2/7/20 John Fisher
19-151S Evergreen Mills 230kV Line Loops & Switching Station  SCC 1/14/20 2/13/20 John Fisher
19-150S New Parking Lot - NOVA Community College - Manassas VCCS 1/10/20 On hold Julia Wellman
19-149S New Parking Lots - NOVA Community College - Loudon VCCS 1/10/20 2/7/20 Julia Wellman
19-148S New Research Facility VIMS 1/10/20 2/7/20 John Fisher
19-147S Hitt Hall and Intelligent Infrastructure Complex VA Tech 1/9/20 2/7/20 John Fisher
19-146S VCU Health Systems Commuter Parking Lot VCU 1/10/20 2/7/20 Julia Wellman
19-145F Quantico National Cemetery Master Plan DVA 1/7/20 2/6/20 John Fisher
19-144F Regent Road and Belvidere Road Dredging Projects ACOE 1/10/20 3/4/20 Julia Wellman
19-141F Project Tiger at Airpark ACOE 12/20/19 2/14/20 Julia Wellman
19-089S Additional Parking Study GMU 09/09/19 On Hold Julia Wellman
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