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19-114S New Health Science Building ODU 10/24/19 11/21/19 Julia Wellman
19-113S Haynesville Correctional Center Stormwater BMP Repair DOC 10/25/19 11/22/19 Janine Howard
19-112F Dredging of Pier 11 South at Naval Station Norfolk Navy 10/18/19 11/15/19 Janine Howard
19-111F Discontinuance of Service Exemption- Hallwood to Cape Charles STB 10/1/19 10/11/19 John Fisher
19-110S Nottoway Correctional Center Wastewater Treatment Facility DOC 10/18/19 11/14/19 Julia Wellman
19-109S Electric Power Storage Battery Pilot Program SCC 10/18/19 11/15/19 Julia Wellman
19-108F VNG- Norfolk MS-831010 Rebuild Project FERC 10/10/19 11/27/19 Julia Wellman
19-107F Emergency Hydrographic Surveys in Virginia for Response to Hurricane Dorian  NOAA Internal 11/4/19 Julia Wellman
19-106S Inn at Darden Redevelopment UVA 10/3/19 11/1/19 John Fisher
19-105F Combat Adversary Air Support at Joint Base Langley Eustis, Langley Air Force Base Air Force 10/1/2019 10/29/19 Janine Howard
19-104S  Center For Manufacturing Advancement  IALR 9/27/19 10/28/19 John Fisher
19-103S UVA Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hosptial UVA 09/27/19 10/25/19 Julia Wellman
19-102S Loudoun-Ox 230 kV Transmission Line Partial Rebuild Projects SCC 09/27/19 10/25/19 Julia Wellman
19-101S Sweet Run Tract Acquisition DCR 09/19/19 10/18/19 John Fisher
19-100S Northern Virginia Community College Howsman and Colgan Renovation VCCS 9/19/19 10/5/19 Janine Howard
19-099F Amendment 8 to the Atlantic Fishery Management Program NOAA Fisheries 9/13/19 10/14/19 John Fisher
19-098F Carriage Club Continuing Care Retirement Community HUD 9/13/19 10/14/19 Janine Howard
19-097S Petersburg Parole Office Virginia DOC 9/17/19 10/11/19 Julia Wellman
19-096F 23 Market Street Renovation USDA 9/6/19 10/7/19 John Fisher
19-095F Derby Run Apartments HUD 9/6/19 10/4/19 John Fisher
19-094F Long Bridge Project USDOT/Federal Railway Administration 9/6/19 10/4/19 John Fisher
19-093F Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Expansion Project ACOE 9/20/19 11/8/19 Janine Howard
19-091F Capital One Data Center-Meadowville Technology Park ACOE 9/9/19 11/6/19 Janine Howard
19-090S US-4 Solar Project, PUR-2019-00105 SCC 9/11/19 10/11/19 Janine Howard
19-089S Additional Parking Study GMU 9/9/19 10/3/19 Julia Wellman
19-088S Chessie Nature Trail Pedestrian Bridge VMI 8/30/19 9/27/19 John Fisher
19-086F Aspire at East Beach HUD 8/29/19 9/27/19 Julia Wellman
19-085S Foxhound Solar Collection Facilities SCC 8/29/19 9/27/19 John Fisher
19-084F Omnibus Deep-Sea Coral Amendment NOAA Fisherie 8/26/19 9/26/19 Julia Wellman
19-083F River Renew NPS 8/23/19 9/20/19 Julia Wellman
18-165F Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate FERC 8/9/19 9/16/19 Julia Wellman
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