Chapter 2 Attachments

I. Informing RPs of Alleged Violations

2-1 Acknowledgement of RTC for Informal Correction

2-2A Model Warning Letter – UST

2-2B Model Warning Letter – Oil Discharge

2-2C Model Warning Letter– Solid Waste

2-2D Warning Letter Standard Paragraphs

2-3 Acknowledgment of RTC – Warning Letter

2-4A Model NOV – Air Data

2-4B Model NOV – Solid Waste

2-4C Model NOV – Water DMR

2-4D Model NOV – Oil Discharge

2-4E NOV Standard Paragraphs

2-5 [Reserved]

2-6 No Response to NOV – Decline to Negotiate

2-7 NOV Rescission Letter

Reference - PEDR

2-8 PEDR Response



II. Enforcement Referrals and Plans

2-9 Model Referral for Enforcement Action

2-11A Standard Enforcement Recommendation and Plan (ERP)

2-11B Table ERP

2-12 ERP Addendum

III. Enf. Tools by Consent

2-13 Model Letter of Agreement

2-14 Letter Terminating LOA

2-15A  Model Consent Order – Air

2-15B Model Consent Order – VPDES

2-15C Model Consent Order – VPDES Stormwater

2-15D Model Consent Order – VWP

2-15E Model Consent Order – VPA

2-15F Model Consent Order – VPA General Permit

2-15G Model Consent Order – UST

2-15H Model Consent Order – Oil Discharge and AST

2-15I Model Consent Order – Hazardous Waste

2-15J Model Consent Order – Solid Waste

2-15K Model Consent Order – Ground Water Management

2-16 Formatting Tips for Model Orders

2-17 Enforcement Referral to Central Office

2-18 Transmittal Letter for Draft CO

2-19 Transmittal Letter for RP Signature

2-20 Consent Order Public Notice Template

2-21 Letter to Virginia Register for Water Consent Order

2-22 Letter to Local Government for Water Consent Order

2-23 Comment Response Document Template

2-24 SWCB Agenda Item Template

2-25 Transmittal Letter for Executed Consent Order

2-26 Model Amended Consent Order

2-27 Model Letter Terminating Consent Order (Immediate Termination)

2-28 Model Letter Terminating Consent Order (30 Days’ Notice)

2-29 Model Executive Compliance Agreement (ECA)

2-30 DE Review Checklist

IV. Enforcement Tools without Consent

2-31 Request for APA Adversarial Action

2-32 Model Emergency Order

2-33 [Reserved]

V. UST and SSO

2-34 Administrative Orders to Prevent or Minimize Sanitary Sewer Overflows

VI. Monitoring Compliance with Orders and Agreements


VII. Case Closure

2-35 Case Closure Memorandum

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