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Virginia Coastal Zone Management Magazine

Virginia CZM Program LogoThe Virginia Coastal Zone Management magazine, funded through a grant from NOAA, is published once or twice yearly to highlight coastal resource management issues in the Commonwealth. Please direct comments to Virginia Witmer at

Although we encourage use of the electronic version of the magazine (provided below), a limited number of hardcopies are available. Please contact - (804) 698-4320, or - (804) 698-4005, to receive a hardcopy and to be added to the mailing list. 

Disclaimer: Some of the content may not be in an accessible format pursuant to Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (29 U.S.C. § 794 (d)). Please call 800-592-5482 if you need assistance.  

Current Issue - Fall 2019/Winter 2020

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Virginia Coastal Zone Management Magazine - Fall 2019/Winter 2020

In this issue:

  • Planning Ocean Uses
  • Conserving Coastal Land and Economies
  • Increasing Climate Resiliency
  • Promoting Ecotourism
  • Enhancing Public Access
  • Marketing Native Plants
  • Strengthening CZM Policies
  • Mapping Our Coastal Resources
  • Reducing Marine Debris
  • Promoting Shellfish
  • Funding New Projects and Initiatives

Spring/Summer 2018

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In this issue:

  • Dollars and Sense of Conserved Lands on Virginia's Eastern Shore
  • Lower Chickahominy Project Takes to the Field
  • Access Projects Benefit Public from Richmond to Hampton Roads
  • Promoting Shellfish Aquaculture, Minimizing Use Conflicts
  • Cross-regional Planning to Promote Ecotourism in Rural Coastal Virginia
  • Building Coastal Resiliency
  • Implmenting the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan
  • Selling the Joy of Send-offs Without Balloons
  • FY18 Federal Funding for Coastal Management

Spring 2016

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Virginia CZM Magazine - Spring 2016

In this issue:

  • Land Conservation
  • Coastal Hazards
  • Ocean Planning
  • Offshore Wind Energy
  • Marine Debris

 Fall 2014

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Cover of Virginia CZM Program Magazine Fall 2014 Issue

In this issue:

  • Increasing Public Access
  • Preserving Working Waterfronts
  • Adapting to Climate Change
  • Marketing Native Plants
  • Restoring Songbird Habitats
  • Recycling Oyster Shells
  • Restoring Seaside Grasses
  • Planning for Ocean Uses
  • Reducing Marine Debris
  • Evaluating Past Work, Planning Future Projects

Fall 2012-Winter 2013

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Virginia Coastal Zone Management magazine - Fall 2012-Winter 2013 (December 2012)

In this issue:

  • Ocean Planning Begins in Virginia
  • The Changing Tide of Shoreline
  • New Version of Coastal GEMS!
  • Working Waterfronts: Where Land, Water
    and Livelihood Connect
  • Outdoor Survey Says...
  • America’s Second War of Independence

Anniversary Issue 2012

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Virginia Coastal Zone Management magazine - 25th Anniversary Issue (December 2011)

In this issue:

We look back at 25 Years of…

…Increasing Efficiency – with limited resources, Virginia CZM has taken advantage of advances in technology and the power of partnerships to do more with less.

…Success Stories – short stories about years long initiatives, partners describe the program’s role in protecting more beaches, encouraging more public involvement, creating more long-term solutions, providing more ecotourism and public access, growing more oysters and sowing more eelgrass!    

…Supporting Coastal Localities – highlights of some of the Virginia CZM funded projects Virginia’s coastal planning district commissions have undertaken to meet the needs of their region.


Summer/Fall 2010

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Cover of Virginia Coastal Zone Management Magazine Fall 2010

In this issue:

  • Seaside Successes
  • Social Marketing
  • Ocean Management
  • Crow’s Nest Acquisition
  • Sustainable Coastal Communities
  • Coastal Zone Enhancement Strategies
  • Coastal GEMS
  • 2010 Virginia CZM Projects

Spring/Summer 2008

Download PDF 

Cover of Virginia Coastal Zone Management Magazine Fall 2008 

In this issue:

  • Climate Change
  • Conserving Coastal Areas
  • Shellfish Aquaculture
  • Watermen and Working Waterfronts
  • Dunes and Beaches
  • Virginia’s Coastal Places - Willis Wharf
  • 2008 Virginia CZM Projects

Spring/Summer 2006

download PDF

Cover of Virginia Coastal Zone Management Magazine Summer 2006

In this issue:

  • “Got Message?”
  • DEQ Director Outlines Path to Collective Success
  • Virginia CZM Partners Propose Five Year Priorities
  • O Oysters
  • Paddling the Seaside
  • Virginia’s Maritime Heritage: The Battle of Hampton Roads
  • Focus on Historic Coastal Places:
    West Point

Summer/Fall 2005

download PDF

Cover of Virginia Coastal Zone Management Magazine Fall 2005

In this issue:

  • Keeping Our Coastal Communities Strong...
  • Coastal Program Investment in Seaside Restoration
  • Hurricanes Affecting Virginia
  • Virginia’s Maritime Heritage
  • New Feature! Coastal Community in Action
  • Acquiring Sensitive Coastal Lands
  • Feature: Virginia’s Historic Coastal Places



Summer/Fall 2003

download PDF

Virginia Coastal Zone Management Magazine - Summer/Fall 2003

In this issue:

  • Creating a Vision for Virginia’s Coast
  • Surveying and Protecting Virginia’s
  • Dunes and Beaches
  • Measuring Our Progress Toward
  • Improved Coastal Management
  • Natives Are Returning to Virginia’s Seaside
  • New Feature: Focus on Our Coastal Towns

Fall 2002/Winter 2003

download PDF

Virginia Coastal Zone Management Magazine - Fall 2002/Winter 2003

In this issue:

  • Executive Order Outlines New Virginia
  • Coastal Program Goals
  • Virginia’s Rich Seaside
  • Keeping the Dragon Alive and Well
  • Nontidal Wetlands: News Regs Added to Coastal Program
  • Traverse the Wet and Wild Miles of the Coastal Birding and Wildlife Trail
  • Clean Marina Program Cruises Forward
  • As Oyster Reefs Grow, So Do Opportunities to Learn

Virginia Coastal Program News

Published from 1997 to 2001

VCP Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2001 (PDF)

Special Edition 2000 (PDF)

Spring 1999 (PDF)

Fall 1998 (PDF)


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This website is provided by the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program through a federal Coastal Zone Management Act grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Commerce.


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