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Get Involved! Here are a few things you can do to help protect and enjoy Virginia's coast!

Virginia CZM Program LogoHelp Restore Oyster Reefs and Seagrass Beds to Our Coastal Waters

Create a Living Shoreline

  • Living Shorelines website (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) --- discover the benefits of Living Shorelines and learn how to create one on your waterfront property. Establishing marsh vegetation on your shoreline can provide long-term shoreline stabilization and help protect water quality and important habitats.     

Help Protect Habitat and Open Space - Put Conservation Easements on Your Property! 

Plant Native Trees and Shrubs and Flowers for Wildlife Habitat and Riparian Buffers 

Help Control Invasive Plant Species 

Increase Your Knowledge of Virginia's Maritime History and Help Protect these Resources

Captain John Smith Trail sign

Support wildlife watching and other forms of ecotourism

Become a Volunteer Citizen Water Quality Monitor 

  • Virginia Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Program --- Hundreds of Virginians volunteer their time to monitor the quality of Virginia's waterways. Becoming a volunteer monitor is easy. No special background is needed and any age group can participate. An existing organization working in your local watershed is a good place to start. Local organizations can usually provide the training and equipment needed. To find out if there is an existing program in your local watershed, contact the Virginia Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Program at (804) 698-4000 or toll free in Virginia (800) 592-5482.  

Become a Chesapeake Steward 

  • VoiCeS (Volunteers as Chesapeake Stewards) --- This 8 week adult education course, offered by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, includes a series of in-depth volunteer training classes.  Following this training, participants are asked to perform a minimum 40 hours of volunteer service for a Bay-related project over the subsequent six months. Successful graduates will receive CBF’s designation as a “Chesapeake Steward.”  The course is free with a materials fee and advanced registration is required.     

Alert Officials to Fish Kills, Oil and Toxic Chemical Spills 

  • Call the Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality - (804) 698-4000  

Identify Common Wildlife in Your Area 

  • Participate in a Wildlife Mapping Program --- Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries, (804) 367-1000 
  • Share what you see on the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail --- The on-line guide to the coastal section of the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail features loop discussion lists for travelers to post information about unusual and interesting sightings, and an online tool for service providers to use to add themselves to the list of Services for a loop (check at the bottom of the Services section of any site). Your comments and suggestions for enhancements are welcome.
  • Participate in a coastal dolphin count  --- Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center --- (757) 385-3474

Use Your Water Wisely!

  • Water - Use It Wisely --- public awareness campaign for water conservation education and information. It is now part of Hampton Roads environmental education programs.

Learn About Septic System Placement and Maintenance 

Participate in Environmental Education 

  • Join the Virginia Association for Environmental Education on-line to learn what this statewide environmental education initiative offers and what membership can do for your organization
  • Discover, Learn and Teach more about the ocean and our coastal resources ---
    • 'BRIDGE' website --- on-line marine education materials.
    • NOAA National Ocean Service Education Page --- educational resources on oceans, coasts, and charting and navigation.
    • Project WET --- Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality, (804) 698-4488
    • Project WILD --- Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries, (804) 367-0188
    • ChesSIE --- resource center and communications hub supporting watershed wide K-12 Chesapeake Bay science education
    • College of Exploration --- a not-for-profit educational organization which designs, develops, delivers, and evaluates education programs, workshops, courses, events and collaborative learning environments for learners of all ages, with a particular emphasis on Web-based courses and workshops for educators, teachers, and students.
    • Virginia's Water Resources: A Tool For Teachers --- Clean Virginia Waterways - includes a new curriculum packet 'Virginia's Water Resources: A Tool for Teachers' and a great listing of web links to other environmental education resources.
  • Join the Mid-Atlantic Marine Educators Association --- The goal of the Mid-Atlantic Marine Educators Association is to improve education about all aspects of marine and aquatic environments.  

Participate in Recycling and Litter/Trash Removal 

Increase Your Knowledge of Our Ocean Resources 

Participate in Local Environmental Festivals 

Recycle Your Oil and Antifreeze/Dispose of Pesticides and Household Chemicals Properly

Help Reduce and Prevent Pollution 

Volunteer at a Virginia State Park 

  • Virginia State Parks rely on volunteers to help run the parks and manage their natural resources - learn more...


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For comments or questions concerning this program's web pages, contact the Virginia Witmer.

This website is provided by the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program through a federal Coastal Zone Management Act grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Commerce.

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