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Virginia CZM Program Funds and Projects

Virginia CZM Program LogoWhat funding does the Virginia CZM Program receive?

Virginia receives 100% of its funding under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, as amended (CZMA).

Virginia is awarded funds based on the size of its coastal population and the length of its tidal shoreline.  Virginia currently receives about $3 million annually from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office for Coastal Management (OCM)

NOAA OCM Coastal Zone Management Act Funding Page

VA CZM Funding Graph

Since the program began in 1986, Virginia has received over $79 million dollars in federal CZMA funds, matched by over $66 million in state and local funds.  

Virginia CZM Program Accomplishments Page

How does the Virginia CZM Program allocate this funding to its partners?

Virginia CZM Program Office staff at the Department of Environmental Quality (lead coordinating agency for Virginia's networked CZM program) administer the program's annual grant award to state agencies, PDCs and local governments for implementation of the Virginia CZM Program. 

Each spring, staff works with the Coastal Policy Team to prepare an annual grant application which is submitted by DEQ to NOAA for approval.  This application outlines the state projects the Virginia CZM Program will fund with its annual allocation. If approved, projects begin in October of that year and run through September 30 the following year. For more on the grant application process and grantee resources go to the Grantee Resources and Information web page.

Financial assistance grants under the CZMA

The federal Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) has numerous sections, each with specific objectives.  Funding to carry out these objectives must be appropriated from Congress each year. Not all sections of the CZMA receive federal appropriations every year or they may receive reduced funding

Financial assistance under Sections 306, 306A, 308, 309, and 310 of the CZMA provides Virginia with the means to maintain the Commonwealth's coastal zone management program and to carry out the Virginia CZM Program's goals of effective protection and careful development of Virginia's coastal areas.

A description of these financial assistance sections is available at the end of this page.

What projects have been funded by the Virginia CZM Program?

The project lists below link to project description pages that provide a detailed description of each grant project, including final project summary and products produced. 

For information on projects prior to FY15, please contact April Bahen in the Virginia CZM Program Office.

Reprogrammed grant funds may be available through the year on a limited basis. Please contact Laura McKay at (804) 698-4323 or Shep Moon at (804) 698-4527 for more information about the availability or allocation of these funds.

1.  Implementation of the Virginia CZM
Funded Under CZMA Section 306 ---- Funding for the implementation of Virginia's Coastal Program. Section 306 funding must be matched 1:1 by nonfederal fund sources.

In FY1999, the Virginia CZM Program decided that focusing on a resource or special geographic region for a three-year period enabled the program to more effectively concentrate its financial and policy efforts. The goal was to 'kick-start' a long-term, self-sustaining program or movement. Focal areas have been discontinued, and in their place Planning District Commission (PDC) Competitive Grants have been initiated.

Previous Focal Areas ---

  • FY2008 - FY2010: Sustainable Coastal Communities: Climate Change Adaptation and Blue/Green Infrastructure Mapping and Planning --- Focal area grants were awarded to state agencies and coastal PDCs to help coastal localities plan for adaptation to climate change or protect blue and green infrastructure. Blue or green infrastructure comprises those natural features on the land (e.g. forests, wildlife habitat, wetlands, etc.) or in the water (e.g. anadromous fish use areas, oyster reefs, underwater grass beds, etc.) that are critical to maintaining ecosystem and human health and survival. Please contact Shep Moon at (804) 698-4527 for more information about this focal area.
  • FY1999 - FY2001: Virginia Oyster Heritage Program
  • FY2002 - FY2007: Virginia Seaside Heritage Program

2.  Acquisition and Construction Projects
Funded Under CZMA Section 306A ---- Funding for the acquisition of fee simple and other interests (e.g. easements) in land, low-cost construction projects (e.g. public access improvements) or habitat restoration projects. Additional documentation is required from NOAA before 306A projects can be approved. Section 306A funding must be matched 1:1 by nonfederal fund sources.

3.  Creation of New Enforceable Coastal Policies

Funded Under CZMA Section 309---- Funding for coastal zone enhancement projects which propose creation  of new enforceable policies* in any of nine identified areas: wetlands, coastal hazards, public access, marine debris, cumulative and secondary impacts, special area management plans, ocean resources, energy and government facility siting and aquaculture. Section 309 funding is match-free.  (*any new enforceable policies proposed through projects funded under Section 309 still need to be officially incorporated into the Virginia CZM Program through a public review process, and final approval of the 'Program Change' must be granted by NOAA.  Go to Program Changes for more information.)

Virginia Coastal Needs Assessment and Strategy Page  - identifies Virginia's high priority coastal enhancement areas and funding recommendations

Special Area Management Planning Page 

Shoreline Management Page 

4.  Implementation of the Virginia Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Program
Funded Under CZMA Section 310---- Funding for the implementation of the Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Program. Section 310 funding must be matched 1:1 by nonfederal fund sources. These monies are distributed by the Department of Environmental Quality, which administers Virginia's Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Program.  Only states with an approved Coastal Zone Management Program are eligible to receive coastal nonpoint source pollution control funding.  Currently the Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Program is not funded.

NOAA Coastal Nonpoint Website
NOAA Fact's About Nonpoint Pollution Program


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For comments or questions concerning this program's web pages, contact Virginia Witmer.


This website is provided by the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program through a federal Coastal Zone Management Act grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Commerce.

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